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REU Student Project:

Corrinne Givens
2011 U.S. Students
Advisor: Winston V. Schoenfeld
"NiMgO Thin Film Growth by Sol-Gel Spin Coating"
Research into the deep ultraviolet spectrum has been an ongoing investigation. By exploring this spectrum, researchers can create a better ultraviolet detector within the earth’s atmosphere. Specifically, exploration into less expensive and less complicated methods such as sol-gel spin coating has gained the attention of many researchers. For sol-gel spin coating, there are four main steps: mixing, aging, spinning, and densification. Each step has numerous variables that affect the final outcome of the thin film. Thus optimizing every step is important. By testing different theories within each step, the results showed that baking for 3 minutes and cooling for 5 minutes in between layers of Ni0.5Mg0.5O was ideal. Also, re-spinning on sintered films with 10 layers provided a relatively thick film with no cracking. These results give insight into improving the sol-gel spin coating technique and with continued research could offer a reliable and cheap alternative method to create UV detectors.  ...full text

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