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Ruidong Zhu

Ruidong Zhu

Research Scientist

Liquid Crystal Displays

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Awards & Honors

2016 SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship
2016 SID Distinguished Student Paper Award

Recent Publications

R. Zhu, H. Chen, and S. T. Wu,
"Achieving 12-bit perceptual quantizer curve with liquid crystal display,"
Opt. Express 25(10), 10939-10946 (2017)
H.W. Chen, R.D. Zhu, M.C. Li, S.L. Lee, and S.T. Wu
"Pixel-by-pixel local dimming for high-dynamic-range liquid crystal displays"
Optics Express 25(3), pp. 1973-1984 (2017)
H.W. Chen, R.D. Zhu, G.J. Tan, M.C. Li, S.L. Lee, and S.T. Wu
"Enlarging the color gamut of liquid crystal displays with a functional reflective polarizer"
Optics Express, 25(1) pp. 102-111 (2017)
Y. Wang, J. He, H. Chen, J. Chen, R. Zhu, P. Ma, A. Towers, Y. Lin, A.J. Gesquiere, S.T. Wu, and Y. Dong
"Ultrastable, highly luminescent organic - inorganic perovskite-polymer composite films"
Advanced Materials 28(48), pp.10710–10717
G.J. Tan, R.D. Zhu, Y.S. Tsai, K.C. Lee, Z.Y. Luo, Y.Z. Lee, S.T. Wu
"High ambient contrast ratio OLED and QLED without a circular polarizer"
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 49(31), 315101
H. Chen, R. Zhu, Y.H. Lee, S.T. Wu,
"“Correlated Color Temperature Tunable WLED for Smart Lighting,”"
SID Symp. Digest 47, 46-49
H. Liang, Z. Luo, R. Zhu, Y. Dong, J.H. Lee, J. Zhou and S.T. Wu
"High efficiency quantum dot and organic LEDs with a back-cavity and a high index substrate"
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 49914, 145103
R.D. Zhu, H.W. Chen, T. Kosa, P. Coutino, G.J. Tan, and S.T. Wu
"High-ambient-contrast augmented reality with a tunable transmittance liquid crystal film and a functional reflective polarizer"
Journal of the Society for Information Display, 24(4), pp.229-233
H. Chen, R. Zhu, Y.H. Lee and S.T. Wu
"Correlated color temperature tunable white LED with a dynamic color filter"
Optics Express 24(6), pp.A731-A739
R. Zhu, G. Tan, J. Yuan, and S.T. Wu
"Functional reflective polarizer for augmented reality and color vision deficiency"
Optics Express 24, pp.5431-5441

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