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Daniel Thul

Daniel Thul

Optics Ph.D.

Laser Plasma Laboratory



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Recent Publications

Daniel Thul, Martin C. Richardson
"Propagation of Tailored Filaments"
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida, Orlando
M.C. Richardson, N. Barbieri, K Lim, C.H Jeon, M. Weidman, D. Thul, M. Durand, S. Rostrami-Fairchild, R. Bernath, M. Baudelet, W. Li, E. Johnson
"Using Vortex Optics with High Intensity Laser Beams"
Seminar given at University of Bordeaux - CELIA April 6th
L Shah, N. Barbieri, K. Lim, D. Thul, A. Sincore, M. Baudelet, S. Rostami, M.C. Richardson, W. Li, and E. Johnson
"Utilizing non-Gaussian beams to tailor laser propagation"
SPIE Photonics West, Solid State Lasers XXVI: Technology and Devices, 10082-5, January 30
B.R. Halls, J.R. Gord, T.R. Meyer, D.J. Thul, M. Slipchenko, and S. Roy
"20-kHz-rate three-dimensional tomographic imaging of the concentration field in a turbulent jet"
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, July
B.R. Halls, N. Jiang, D.J. Thul, M.N. Slipchenko, S. Roy, T.R. Meyer, and J.R. Gord
"High-speed three-dimensional imaging of turbulent flows"
OSA Laser Applications to Chemical, Security and Environmental Analysis, Heidelberg Germany, July
T.R. Meyer, B.R. Halls, N. Jiang, D.J. Thul, M.N. Slipchenko, S. Roy, and J.R. Gord
"High-speed three-dimensional tomography of soot and combustion intermediates in jet diffusion flames"
IEEE International Conference Laser Optics (LO), St. Petersburg, Russia, July
B.R. Halls, N. Jiang, D.J. Thul, M. Slipchenko, S. Roy, T. Meyer, and J. Gord
"High-speed, three-dimensional tomographic imaging of concentration fields in turbulent flows"
CLEO, San Jose, CA, June, paper AW4K.2
B.R. Halls, D.J. Thul, D. Michaelis, S. Roy, T.R. Meyer, and J.R. Gord
"Single-shot, volumetrically illuminated, three-dimensional, tomographic laser-induced-fluorescence imaging in a gaseous free jet"
Optics Express 24, pp.10040-10049
J.D. Miller, N. Jiang, D.J. Thul, M. Slipchenko, J. Mance, T.R. Meyer, S. Roy, and J.R. Gord
"100-kHz burst-mode particle image velocimetry: space-time correlations and considerations for spatial and temporal resolution"
54th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, AIAA SciTech, San Diego, CA, January


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