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Fangwang Gou

Fangwang Gou

Optics Ph.D.

Liquid Crystal Displays





Recent Publications

Z. He, Y. H. Lee, F. Gou, D. Franklin, D. Chanda, and S.T. Wu
"Polarization-independent phase modulators enabled by two-photon polymerization"
Optics Express 25(26), 33688-33694
G. Tan, Y.H. Lee, F. Gou, H. Chen, Y. Huang, Y.F. Lan, C.Y. Tsai, and S.T. Wu
"Review on polymer-stabilized short-pitch cholesteric liquid crystal displays"
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 50, 493001 (Review paper)
Y.H. Lee, D. Franklin, F.W. Gou, G.G. Liu, F.L. Peng, D. Chanda, and S.T. Wu
"Two-photon polymerization enabled multi-layer liquid crystal phase modulator"
Scientific Reports, 7, 16260
F. Gou, F. Peng, Q. Ru, Y.-H. Lee, H. Chen, Z. He, T. Zhan, K.L. Vodopyanov, and S.T. Wu
"Mid-wave infrared beam steering based on high-efficiency liquid crystal diffractive waveplates"
Optics Express, 25(19), pp. 22404-22410
F.L. Peng, H.W. Chen, F.W. Gou, and S.T. Wu
"High performance LCDs with CRT-like motion picture response time"
Chinese Journal of Liquid Crystals and Displays, 32(8), 581-589
Y.H. Lee, G. Tan, T. Zhan, Y. Weng, G. Liu, F. Gou, F. Peng, N.V. Tabiryan, S. Gauza, and S.T. Wu
"Recent progress in Pancharatnam-Berry phase optical elements and the applications for virtual/augmented realities"
Optical Data Processing and Storage 3, 79-88 (Review paper)
G.J. Tan, Y.H. Lee, F. Gou, M. Hu, Y.F. Lan, C.Y. Tsai, and S.T. Wu
"Macroscopic model for analyzing the electro-optics of uniform lying helix cholesteric liquid crystals"
Journal Applied Physics, 121(17), 173102
F. Gou, H. Chen, M.C. Li, S. L. Lee, and S.T. Wu
"Submillisecond-response liquid crystal for high-resolution virtual reality displays"
Optical Express 25(7), 7984-7997
H. Chen, F. Peng, F. Gou, M. Wand, and S.T. Wu
"Fast-response LCDs for virtual reality applications"
Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies XII, Pro. of SPIE, 10125
F.L. Peng, H.W. Chen, F.W. Gou, Y.H. Lee, M. Wand, M.C. Li, S.L. Lee, and S.T. Wu
"Analytical equation for the motion picture response time of display devices"
Journal of Applied Physics, 121(2), 023108


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