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Dr. Clara Rivero Baleine

Dr. Clara Rivero Baleine

Mechanical Engineer Staff - Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

Glass Processing and Characterization Lab






Dr. Clara Rivero Baleine is a Mechanical Engineer Staff at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (LMMFC) in Orlando, Florida. She has been working in Applied Research R&D since joining Lockheed Martin Corporation in 2005. Her research work is focused on nanomaterials and metamaterials for optical and photonic applications. Her awards and recognitions include: recipient of the 2007 Individual Excellence Award (LMMFC), 2009 National Women of Color Technology Star, and 2009 & 2012 Lockheed Martin Innovate the Future Contest team finalist.

Awards & Honors

2005 The American Ceramic Society Norbert J. Kreidl Award

Recent Publications

Anupama Yadav, Myungkoo Kang, Charmayne Smith, Jason Lonergan, Andrew Buff, Laura Sisken, Karima Chamma, Cesar Blanco, Joe Caraccio, Theresa Mayer, Clara Rivero-Baleine, Kathleen Richardson
"Influence of phase-separation on structure-property relationships in the (GeSe2-3As2Se3)1-xPbSex glass system"
Phys. Chem. Glasses: Eur. J. Glass Sci. Technol. B, 58 (4), 115–126 (2017)
C. M. Schwarz, C. N. Grabill, G. D. Richardson, S. Labh, A. M. Lewis, A. Vyas, B. Gleason, C. Rivero-Baleine, K. Richardson, A. Pogrebnyakov, T. S. Mayer, C. Drake, S. M. Kuebler,
"Fabrication and characterization of micro-structures created in arsenic trisulfide chalcogenide glasses by multi-photon lithography"
Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS vol.16 (2) 023508 (2017)
N. S. Nye, A. Swisher, C. Bungay, S. Tuenge, T. Mayer, D. N. Christodoulides, and C. Rivero-Baleine
"Design of broadband anti-reflective metasurfaces based on an effective medium approach"
Proc. SPIE 10181, Advanced Optics for Defense Applications: UV through LWIR II, 101810J
K.A. Richardson, A. Buff, L. Sisken, C. Smith, C. Rivero-Baleine, A. Kirk, T. Mayer, C. Pantano, A. Swisher, M. Kang, A. Pogrebnyakov, C. Schwarz, and S. Kuebler
"Optical glass ceramics for GRIN - engineering microstructure for optical function"
Ceramic Society of Japan (CerSJ) – ACerS Glass and Optical Materials Division (GOMD) joint symposium on Glass Science and Technologies, Kyoto Japan, invited
K.A. Richardson, A. Buff, C. Smith, L. Sisken, J. D. Musgraves, P. Wachtel, T. Mayer, A. Swisher, A. Pogrebnyakov, M. Kang, C. Pantano, D. Werner, C. Rivero-Baleine, A. Kirk, and S. Aiken
"Optical glass ceramics for GRIN - engineering microstructure for optical function"
Materials Science and Technology (MS&T), Salt Lake City UT, invited
C. Rivero-Baleine, K.A. Richardson, B.H. Gleason, and J. Ruckman
"Ternary glass materials with low refractive index variability"
US Patent application, US 15/240,975
C. Rivero-Baleine, C. Smith, and K.A. Richardson
"Glass composites having a gradient index of refraction and methods for production thereof"
United States Patent Application 5/157,223
K.A. Richardson, J. David Musgraves, P. Wachtel, C. Rivero-Baleine, and T. Mayer
"Method of forming an optical device and optical apparatus"
#US 9340446
C.M. Schwarz, C.N. Grabill, B.Gleason, G.D. Richardson, A.M. Lewis, S.Labh, C. Rivero-Baleine, K.A. Richardson, A. Pogrebnyakov, T.S. Mayer, S.M. Kuebler
"Properties of direct laser written nanostructures in multi-layered chalcogenide glasses "
American Ceramics Society Glass & Optical Materials Division and Deutsche Glastechnische Gesellschaft Joint Annual Meeting, ACERS GOMD-DGG, Miami, FL, 17-21 May
K.A. Richardson, C. Smith, J. David Musgraves, P. Wachtel, T. Mayer, A. Swisher, A. Pogrebnyakov, D. Werner, C. Rivero-Baleine
"Engineering novel infrared glass ceramics for advanced optical solutions"
39th International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC) American Ceramic Society, Daytona Beach FL, 29 January

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