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Shermineh Rostami Fairchild

Shermineh Rostami Fairchild

Research Scientist

Laser Plasma Laboratory



407-823-6890 (Office )




Recent Publications

H.E. Kondakci, M. Yessenov, M. Meem, D. Reyes, D. Thul, S. Rostami Fairchild, M.C. Richardson, R. Menon, and A.F. Abouraddy
"Synthesizing broadband propagation-invariant space-time wave packets using transmissive phase plates"
Optics Express, submitted
S.R. Fairchild, W. Walasik, D. Kepler, M. Baudelet, N.M. Litchinister, and M.C. Richardson
"Free-space nonlinear beam combining for high intensity projection"
Scientific Reports, 7, 10147
M.C. Richardson, N. Barbieri, K Lim, C.H Jeon, M. Weidman, D. Thul, M. Durand, S. Rostrami-Fairchild, R. Bernath, M. Baudelet, W. Li, E. Johnson
"Using vortex optics with high intensity laser beams"
Seminar given at University of Bordeaux - CELIA April 6
L. Shah, N. Barbieri, K. Lim, D. Thul, A. Sincore, M. Baudelet, S. Rostami, M.C. Richardson, W. Li, and E. Johnson
"Utilizing non-Gaussian beams to tailor laser propagation"
SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco, California, Solid State Lasers XXVI: Technology and Devices, 10082-5
M.C. Richardson, M. Baudelet, S. Rostami-Fairchild, C. Jeon and L. Shah
"Ultrafast Laser Filamentation in Air"
SPIE Secuity and Defense, Conference 9989 Technologies for Optical Countermeasures, Edinburgh, Scotland, September
C. Jeon, E. Lane, S. Rostrami, M. Baudelet, L. Shah, and M.C. Richardson
"Laser induced filament propagation through adverse conditions"
Propagation Through and Characterization of Atmospheric and Oceanic Phenomena, pcAOP, Washington D.C. June
C.H. Jeon, J. Lane, S. Rostami, L. Shah, M. Baudelet, and M.C. Richardson
"Laser induced filamentation propagation through adverse conditions"
OSA: Propagation Through and Characterization of Atmospheric and Oceanic Phenomena, paper Tu2A.3
M.C. Richardson, Eric Johnson, Nicholas Barbieri, Matthieu Baudelet, Shermineh Rostami, Lawrence Shah and Joshua Bradford
"Introducing spatial phase control to high power laser beams"
SPIE Photonics North, Quebec City, Canada, May 24-26
S. Rostami, M. Chini, K. Lim, J.P. Palastro, M. Durand, J.C. Diels, L. Arissian, M. Baudelet, and M.C. Richardson
"Dramatic enhancement of supercontinuum generation in elliptically-polarized laser filaments"
Scientific Reports 6, 20363
S. Rostami, M. Chini, K. Lim, M. Durand, M. Baudelet, J. M. Diels, M. Richardson, and L. Arissian
"Measurements of the impact of polarization on filaments and the associated supercontinuum"
Frontiers in Optics 2014; San Jose, CA; 10/18-22, 2014. Post-deadline presentation

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