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Dr. Matthieu Baudelet

Dr. Matthieu Baudelet

Asst Professor of Chemistry/National Center for Forensic Science

Laser Plasma Laboratory



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Matthieu BAUDELET graduated with a B.S. in Physics in the University of Lille (France) in 2003, starting his experience in Spectroscopy with Fourier-Transform Microwave Spectroscopy. In 2005, he graduated with a M.S. in "Laser and Spectroscopy" in the University of Lyon (France) and continued to complete his Ph.D. in the 'Laboratoire de Spectrométrie Ionique et Moléculaire' (Lasim, Lyon) working on "Laser-induced plasma and spectroscopic analysis" under the direction of Pr. Jin YU. He showed the advantages of LIBS for biological sensing and food monitoring and wrote publications on the use of femtosecond pulses to improve this technique and the development of analytical techniques to understand and extract the maximum of information from the LIBS spectrum of bacteria. He continued his research on laser spectroscopy and sensing as a Senior Research Scientist for the Townes Laser Institute at the University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL). His panel covers the fundamentals of laser-induced plasmas, the application of laser spectroscopies such as LIBS, Fluorescence, Raman, FTIR, ... as fundamental diagnostics as well as sensing techniques for defense, industrial, environmental, biomedical applications and the study of propagation of ultrashort laser pulses for sensing purposes at distances up to the kilometer range.

Now Research Assistant Professor of Optics in the Laser & Plasma Laboratory in the Townes Laser Institute, he is introducing and developing laser spectroscopy for atomic spectroscopy as well as electronic, vibrational and rotational molecular spectroscopy for studying fundamentals of plasmas, quantitative analysis and sensing in tabletop and integrated configuration as well as for stand-off detection. The fields of application go from forensic science (with a secondary joint appointment at the National Center for Forensic Science) to biomedical diagnostic to manufacturing optimization.

Awards & Honors

2014 UCF Innovator
2014 Office of Research & Commercialization Millionaire's Club
2012 Office of Research & Commercialization Millionaire's Club

Recent Publications

S. J. Pandey, M. Martinez, F. Pelascini, V. Motto-Ros, M. Baudelet and R.M. Gaume
"Quantification of non-stoichiometry in YAG ceramics using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy"
Optical Materials Express 7(2), pp. 627-632
C.H. Jeon, J. Lane, S. Rostami, L. Shah, M. Baudelet, and M.C. Richardson
"Laser induced filamentation propagation through adverse conditions"
OSA: Propagation Through and Characterization of Atmospheric and Oceanic Phenomena, paper Tu2A.3
M.C. Richardson, C. Jeon, E. Lane, and M. Baudelet
"Challenges facing long distance propagation of high power laser beams"
High Power Laser Ablation/Directed Energy, Santa Fe, NM, invited
M.C. Richardson, C. Jeon, E. Lane, and M. Baudelet
"Long distance propagation of high power laser beams"
Singapore Defense Sciences Orgnization, Singapore April, invited
S. Rostami, M. Chini, K. Lim, J.P. Palastro, M. Durand, J.C. Diels, L. Arissian, M. Baudelet, and M.C. Richardson
"Dramatic enhancement of supercontinuum generation in elliptically-polarized laser filaments"
Scientific Reports 6, 20363
A. Couairon, V. Jukna, J. Darginavicius, D. Majus, N. Garejev, I. Gražuleviciute, G. Valiulis, G. Tamošauskas, A. Dubietis, F. Silva, D.R. Austin, M. Hemmer, M. Baudisch, A. Thai, J. Biegert, D. Faccio, A. Jarnac, A. Houard, Y. Liu, A. Mysyrowicz, S. Grabielle, N. Forget, A. Durécu, M. Durand, K. Lim, E. McKee, M. Baudelet, and M.C. Richardson
"Filamentation and pulse self-compression in the anomalous dispersion region of glasses"
Editors: Andre D. Bandrauk, Emmanuel Lorin, Jerome V. Moloney Laser Filamentation - Mathematical Methods and Models, Part of the series CRM Series in Mathematical Physics pp. 147-165
M. Baudelet, S.J. Pandey, R. Locke, B. Seesahai, R.M. Gaume, and M.C. Richardson
"Study of matrix effects for reproducible LIBS analysis of powders"
Pittcon, Atlanta GA, March
M. Weidman, M. Ramme, B. Bousquet, K. Lim, M. Durand, M. Baudelet, M.C. Richardson
"Angular dependence of filament-induced plasma emission from a GaAs surface "
Optics Letters 40(19), pp.4548-4551
Cheonha Jeon, Matthieu Baudelet & Martin Richardson
"Fundamentals of laser interaction with water droplets"
3rd Conference on Laser Weather control, Geneva, Switzerland, September
Cheonha Jeon, Danielle Harper, Khan Lim, Magali Durand, Michael Chini, Matthieu Baudelet, Martin Richardson
"Interaction between a Single Water Droplet and a Laser Filament"
CLEO- Pacific Rim, Busan, Korea, September


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