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Dr. Alfons Schulte

Dr. Alfons Schulte

Professor of Physics

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Recent Publications

T. Unruh, A. Schulte, Y. Guo, W. Schirmacher, and B. Schmid
"Inelastic neutron and low-frequency Raman scattering in a niobium-phosphate glass for Raman gain applications"
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 357(2, SI), pp.506–509
A. Schulte, W. Schirmacher, B. Schmid, and T. Unruh
"Inelastic neutron and lowfrequency Raman scattering in niobium-phosphate glasses: the role of spatially fluctuating elastic and elasto-optic constants"
Journal of Physics - Condensed Matter 23(25)
Rivero, C.; Sharek, R.; Li, W.; Richardson, K.; Schulte, A.; Braunstein, G.; Irwin, R.; Hamel, V.; Turcotte, K.; Knystautas, E.
"Structural analysis of chalcogenide waveguides using Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy"
Thin Solid Films. 425(1-2) 59-67
Stegeman, R.; Jankovic, L.; Kim, H.; Rivero, C.; Stegeman, G.; Richardson, K.; Delfyett, P.; Guo, Y.; Schulte, A.; Cardinal, T.
"Tellurite glasses with peak absolute Raman gain coefficients up to 30 times that of fused silica"
Optics Letters. 28(13) 1126-1128
C. Rivero, A. Schulte and K.A. Richardson
"Structure-Property Relationships in As-S-Se glasses for waveguide applications probed by Waveguide Raman Spectroscopy"
in Optoelectronic Materials and Technology in the Information Age, Ceramic Transactions, 126 79-85
Schulte, A.; Rivero, C.; Richardson, K.; Turcotte, K.; Hamel, V.; Villeneuve, A.; Galstian, T.; Vallee, R.
"Bulk-film structural differences of chalcogenide glasses probed in situ by near-infrared waveguide Raman spectroscopy"
Optics Communications. 198(1-3) 125-128
Oladeji, I. O.; Chow, L.; Liu, J. R.; Chu, W. K.; Bustamante, A. N. P.; Fredricksen, C.; Schulte, A. F.
"Comparative study of CdS thin films deposited by single, continuous, and multiple dip chemical processes"
Thin Solid Films. 359(2) 154-159
T. Cardinal, K.A. Richardson, H. Shim, G. Stegeman, A. Schulte, R. Beathy, K. LeFoulgoc, C. Meneghini, J. F. Viens and A. Villeneuve
"Nonlinear Optical Properties of Chalcogenide Glasses in the System As-S-Se"
J. Non-Cryst. Sols. 256 & 257 353

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