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Dr. Guifang Li

Dr. Guifang Li

Professor of Optics & Photonics, Physics, ECE

Optical Fiber Communications

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Guifang Li received his Ph.D. degree from The University of Wisconsin at Madison and is FPCE Professor of Optics, Electrical & Computer Engineering and Physics at UCF. He was the director of the NSF IGERT program in Optical Communications and Networking at UCF. He is the recipient of the NSF CAREER award and the Office of Naval Research Young Investigator award. Dr. Li is a Fellow of IEEE, the Optical Society of America and SPIE. Dr. Li is a Deputy Editor for Optics Express (OSA) and an Associate Editor for Photonics Technology Letters (IEEE/LEOS).

His research interests include optical communication and networking, RF photonics and all-optical signal processing. He has collaborated widely with academic institutions and industry. He is currently on partial leave at Tianjin University.

Awards & Honors

IEEE Fellow
Elected to Fellow of the Optical Society of America
SPIE Fellow
2014 IEEE IPS Distinguished Lecturer Award
2006 Presidential Major Research Equipment Award

Recent Publications

Cen Xia, Naresh Chand, A. M. Velázquez-Benítez, Zhiqun Yang, Xiang Liu, Jose Enrique Antonio-Lopez, He Wen, Benyuan Zhu, Ningbo Zhao, Frank Effenberger, Rodrigo Amezcua-Correa, and Guifang Li
"Time-division-multiplexed few-mode passive optical network"
Optics Express, Vol. 23, Issue 2, pp. 1151-1158 (2015)
Qingming Chen, Chao Jin, Yuan Bao, Zhaohui Li, Jianping Li, Chao Lu, Liang Yang, and Guifang Li
"A distributed fiber vibration sensor utilizing dispersion induced walk-off effect in a unidirectional Mach-Zehnder interferometer"
Optics Express 22(3), pp. 2167-2173
N. Bai, G. Li
"Equalizer tap length requirement for mode group delay-compensated fiber link with weakly random mode coupling"
Optics Express 22(4), pp. 4247-4255
Cen Xia, Xiang Liu, S. Chandrasekhar, N. K. Fontaine, Likai Zhu, and G. Li
"Multi-channel nonlinearity compensation of PDM-QPSK signals in dispersion-managed transmission using dispersion-folded digital backward propagation"
Optics Express 22, pp. 5859-5866
J Zhang, Y Xie, GF Li, YT Ye, and BEA Saleh
"Single-shot phase-shifting digital holography"
Optical Engineering 53(11)
Guifang Li, Neng Bai, Ningbo Zhao, and Cen Xia
"Space-division multiplexing: the next frontier in optical communication"
Advances in Optics and Photonics 6, pp. 413-487
JP Li, XB Zhang, ZH Li, XG Zhang, GF Li, and C Lu
"Theoretical studies on the polarization-modulator-based single-side-band modulator used for generation of optical multicarrier"
Optics Express 22(12), pp. 14087-14095
R. G. H. van Uden, R. Amezcua Correa, E. Antonio Lopez, F. M. Huijskens, C. Xia, G. Li, A. Schülzgen, H. de Waardt, A. M. J. Koonen, and C. M. Okonkwo
"Ultra-High-Density Spatial Division Multiplexing with a Few-Mode Multicore Fibre"
Nature Photonics 8(11), pp. 865-870
Neng Bai, Ezra Ip, Ming-jun Li, Ting Wang, Guifang Li
"Experimental demonstration of adaptive frequency-domain equalization for mode-division multiplexed transmission"
N. Bai, E. Ip, M. Li, T. Wang, and G. Li, "Experimental demonstration of adaptive frequency-domain equalization for mode-division multiplexed transmission," in Optical Fiber Communication Conference/National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference 2013, OSA Technical Digest (online) (Optical Society of America, 2013), paper OM2C.5.
Chao Jin, Yuan Bao, Zhaohui Li, Tao Gui, Haiyan Shang, Xinhuan Feng, Jianping Li, Xingwen Yi, Changyuan Yu, Guifang Li, and Chao Lu
"High-resolution optical spectrum characterization using optical channel estimation and spectrum stitching technique"
Optics Letters 38(13), pp.2314-2316


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