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Dr.  Demetrios Christodoulides

Dr. Demetrios Christodoulides

Pegasus Professor of Optics/Cobb Family Endowed Chair

Nonlinear Waves
PT-Symmetric Optical Materials and Structures

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Demetri Christodoulides is the Cobb Family Endowed Chair and Pegasus Professor of Optics at CREOL-the College of Optics and Photonics of the University of Central Florida. He received his Ph.D. degree from Johns Hopkins University in 1986 and he subsequently joined Bellcore as a post-doctoral fellow at Murray Hill. Between 1988 and 2002 he was with the faculty of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Lehigh University. His research interests include linear and nonlinear optical beam interactions, synthetic optical materials, optical solitons, and quantum electronics. He has authored and co-authored more than 250 papers. He is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America and the American Physical Society. In 2011 he received the R.W. Wood Prize of OSA.

Awards & Honors

OSA Fellow
APS Fellow
2014 Excellence in Research (College Award)
2014 Excellence in Research (University Award)
2012 UCF Pegasus Professor
2011 OSA's R. W. Wood Prize

Recent Publications

X. Xin, R. Biswas, B. Li, J. Jung, and Z. Lin
"Ab initio simulation of charge transfer at the semiconductor quantum dot/TiO2 interface in quantum dot-sensitized solar cells"
Particle and Particle Systems Characterization, 32, 80 (featured on the Cover of the January 2015 issue)
HM Moya-Cessa, F Soto-Eguibar, and DN Christodoulides
"A squeeze-like operator approach to position-dependent mass in quantum mechanics"
Journal Of Mathematical Physics 55(8)
K. G. Makris, I. Kaminer, R. El-Ganainy, N. K. Efremidis, Zhigang Chen, M. Segev, and D. N. Christodoulides
"Accelerating diffraction-free beams in photonic lattices"
Optics Letters 39(7), pp. 2129-2132
Alexander E. Minovich, Angela E. Klein, Dragomir N. Neshev, Thomas Pertsch, Yuri S. Kivshar, and Demetrios N. Christodoulides
"Airy plasmons: non-diffracting optical surface waves"
Laser & Photonics Reviews 8(2), pp. 221-232
A. K. Sarma, M.-A. Miri, Z. H. Musslimani, and D. N. Christodoulides
"Continuous and discrete Schrodinger systems with parity-time-symmetric nonlinearities"
Physical Review E 89(5), pp. 052918
B. M. Rodríguez-Lara, P. Aleahmad, H. M. Moya-Cessa, and D. N. Christodoulides
"Ermakov–Lewis symmetry in photonic lattices"
Optics Letters, 39(17),pp. 2083-2085
Maik Scheller, Matthew S. Mills, Mohammad-Ali Miri, Weibo Cheng, Jerome V. Moloney, Miroslav Kolesik, Pavel Polynkin & Demetrios N. Christodoulides
"Externally refuelled optical filaments"
Nature Photonics 8(4)
O. Vazquez-Candanedo, J. C. Hernandez-Herrejon, F. M. Izrailev, and D. N. Christodoulides
"Gain- or loss-induced localization in one-dimensional PT-symmetric tight-binding models"
Physical Review A 89(1)
MH Teimourpour, R El-Ganainy, A Eisfeld, A Szameit, and DN Christodoulides
"Light transport in PT-invariant photonic structures with hidden symmetries"
Physical Review A 90(5), pp. 053817
Xinyuan Qi, Konstantinos G. Makris, Ramy El-Ganainy, Peng Zhang, Jintao Bai, Demetrios N. Christodoulides, and Zhigang Chen
"Observation of accelerating Wannier-Stark beams in optically induced photonic lattices"
Optics Letters 39(4), pp. 1065-1068


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