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Z. Chang
"Fundamentals of Attosecond Optics"
CRC Press
Zenghu Chang, George A. Kyrala, Jean-Claude Kieffer
"Ultrafast X-ray Sources and Detectors"
The International Society for Optical Engineering, Volume 6703, ISBN 978-0-8194-6851-2 (2007)
Stuart Kleinfelder, Dennis L. Paisley, Zenghu Chang, Jean-Claude Kieffer, Jerome B. Hastings
"Ultrafast X-ray Detectors, High-speed Imaging, and Applications "
The International Society for Optical Engineering, Volume 5194, ISBN 0-8194-5925-9 (2005)
Roman O. Tatchyn, Zenghu Chang, Jean-Claude Kieffer and Jerome B. Hastings
"Fourth-Generation X-ray Sources and Ultrafast X-ray Detectors"
The International Society for Optical Engineering, Volume 5194, ISBN 0-8194-5067-7 (2003)
Book Chapters
Q. Zhang, K. Zhao, and Z. Chang
"Attosecond extreme ultraviolet supercontinuum"
The Supercontinuum Laser Source: The Ultimate White Light, By Robert R. Alfano, 3rd edition, ISBN 978-1-4939-3324-2. Springer
Michael Chini, He Wang, Baozhen Zhao, Yan Cheng, Shouyuan Chen, Yi Wu, and Zenghu Chang
"Attosecond Absorption Spectroscopy"
Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science IX, by Kaoru Yamanouchi and Katsumi Midorikawa, ISBN: 9783642350511, Springer, pp. 135-150
K. Zhao, Q. Zhang, M. Chini, and Z. Chang
"Route to One Atomic Unit of Time – Development of a Broadband Attosecond Streak Camera"
Chapter 19, Multiphoton Processes and Attosecond Physics, Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Multiphoton Processes (ICOMP12) and the 3rd International Conference on Attosecond Physics (ATTO3), Yamanouchi, Kaoru; Midorikawa, Katsumi (Eds.) Series: Springer Proceedings in Physics, Vol. 125, Part 2, 109. ISBN 978-3-642-28947-7
S. Chen, S. Gilbertson, H. Wang, M. Chini, K. Zhao, S. Khan, Y. Wu, and Z. Chang
"Attosecond pulse generation, characterization and application"
Advances in Multi-Photon Processes and Spectroscopy, 20, pp. 127-174, S.H. Lin, A.A. Villaeys, and Y. Fujimura, World Scientific Publishing Company; 1 edition ISBN-10: 9814343986
Ximao Feng, Steve Gilbertson, Hiroki Mashiko, Sabih Khan, He Wang, Michael Chini, Yi Wu, and Zenghu Chang
"Single Isolated Attosecond Pulses Generation with Double Optical Gating (Chapter 5)"
Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science VI, pp. 89-112. Series: Springer Series in Chemical Physics, Vol. 99, Yamanouchi, Kaoru; Gerber, Gustav; Bandrauk, Andre D. (Eds.), 1st Edition., 2010, XVI, 237 p., ISBN: 978-3-642-15053-1
Zenghu Chang
"Chapter 21: Attosecond Optics"
Handbook of Optics Vol. II, sponsored by Optical Society of America, Edition 3, 2009, McGraw Hill. ISBN: 9780071498906
Andy Rundquist, Zenghu Chang, Haiwen Wang, Erik Zeek, Margaret Murnane and Henry Kapteyn
"Soft X-ray Harmonics in the Water Window"
Applications of High Field and Short Wavelength Sources, Plenum Press, New York, 45-51
Jorgen Larsson, Zenghu Chang, Ellen Judd, Phillip A. Heimann, Aaron M. Lindenberg, Henry C. Kapteyn, Margaret M. Murnane, Richard W. Lee, Anton Machachek, Justin S. Wark, Howard A. Padmore, Roger W. Falcone
"Ultrafast Time-resolved x-ray diffraction detected by an averaging mode streak camera"
Applications of High Field and Short Wavelength Sources, Plenum Press, New York, 267-270
J. Zhou, A. Rundquist, Z. Chang, J. Peatross, I.P. Christov, M.M. Murnane, and H.C. Kapteyn
"Enhanced High-Harmonic Generation with Ultrashort 25 fs Pulses"
Ultrafast Phenomena X, 120, Springer-Verlag
Journal Papers (refereed)
Yong Sing You, Yanchun Yin, Yi Wu, Andrew Chew, Xiaoming Ren, Fengjiang Zhuang, Shima Gholam-Mirzaei, Michael Chini, Zenghu Chang & Shambhu Ghimire
"High-harmonic generation in amorphous solids"
Nature Communications 8, Article number: 724 (2017).
Yanchun Yin, Xiaoming Ren, Andrew Chew, Jie Li, Yang Wang, Fengjiang Zhuang, Yi Wu & Zenghu Chang
"Generation of octave-spanning mid-infrared pulses from cascaded second-order nonlinear processes in a single crystal "
Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 11097 (2017)
Jie Li, Xiaoming Ren, Yanchun Yin, Kun Zhao, Andrew Chew, Yan Cheng, Eric Cunningham, Yang Wang,Shuyuan Hu, Yi Wu, Michael Chini & Zenghu Chang
"53-attosecond X-ray pulses reach the carbon K-edge"
Nature Communications 8, Article number: 186 (2017)
Yongsing You, mengxi wu, Yanchun Yin, Andrew Chew, Xiaoming Ren, Shima Gholam Mirzaeimoghadar, Dana Browne, Michael Chini, Zenghu Chang, Kenneth Schafer, Mette Gaarde, and Shambhu Ghimire
"Laser waveform control of extreme ultraviolet high harmonics from solids"
Optics Letters, Vol. 42, Issue 9, pp. 1816-1819 (2017)
Gao Chen, Eric Cunningham & Zenghu Chang
"Attosecond pulse generation isolated with an asymmetric polarization gating "
Journal of Modern Optics 64 (10-11), 952-959 (2017).
Yanchun Yin, Jie Li, Xiaoming Ren, Yang Wang, Andrew Chew, and Zenghu Chang
"High-energy two-cycle pulses at 3.2 µm by a broadband-pumped dual-chirped optical parametric amplification"
Optics Express 24(22), pp.24989-24998
Y. Cheng, M. Chini, X.W. Wang, A. Gonzalez-Castrillo, A. Palacios, L. Argenti, F. Martin, and Z. Chang
"Reconstruction of an excited-state molecular wave packet with attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy"
Physical Review A, 94(2), 023403
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