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Journal Papers (refereed)
J. Tang, Y. Sun, S. Pang and K.Y. Han
"Spatially encoded fast single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy with full field-of-view"
Sci. Rep., 7, 10945
Y. Sun X. Yuan S. Pang
"Compressive high-speed stereo imaging "
Optics Express 25(15)
X. Yuan, Y. Sun, S. Pang
"Compressive video sensing with side information"
Applied Optics 56.10 (2017): 2697-2704.
Y. Sun, X. Yuan, and S. Pang
"High-speed compressive range imaging based on active illumination"
Optics Express 24(20), pp.22836-22846
Y. Sun and S. Pang
"Fluorescence Talbot microscope using incoherent source"
Journal of Biomedical Optics 21(8), 086003
Y. Sun and S. Pang
"Multi-perspective scanning microscope based on Talbot effect"
Applied Physics Letters, 108, 2, pp.021102
Sun, Yangyang; Cong, Wenxiang; Xi, Yan; Wang, Ge; Pang, Shuo
"Talbot interferometry with curved quasi-periodic gratings: towards large field of view X-ray phase-contrast imaging"
Optics Express 23(20) 26576-26585
Conference Proceedings
X. Yuan, Y. Sun, S. Pang
"Compressive Temporal RGB-D Imaging "
OSA Imaging and Applied Optics Congress, 2017
X. Yuan, Y. Sun, S. Pang
"Compressive temporal stereo-vision imaging"
OSA Imaging and Applied Optics (Imaging) Congress, Heidelberg, Germany, paper JT3A.30
Y. Sun and S. Pang
"Incoherent light Talbot microscopy"
SPIE Photonics West, BIOS
Y. Sun, S. Pang
"Multi-perspective fluorescence talbot microscopy"
FiO/LS, Multi-perspective Fluorescence Talbot Microscopy, FTh3G.6
News Coverage
S. Pang and Y. Sun
"Large-field-of-view, multi-perspective Talbot microscopy"
SPIE Newsroom
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