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Journal Papers (refereed)
Yongsing You, mengxi wu, Yanchun Yin, Andrew Chew, Xiaoming Ren, Shima Gholam Mirzaeimoghadar, Dana Browne, Michael Chini, Zenghu Chang, Kenneth Schafer, Mette Gaarde, and Shambhu Ghimire
"Laser waveform control of extreme ultraviolet high harmonics from solids"
Optics Letters, Vol. 42, Issue 9, pp. 1816-1819 (2017)
Yanchun Yin, Jie Li, Xiaoming Ren, Yang Wang, Andrew Chew, and Zenghu Chang
"High-energy two-cycle pulses at 3.2 ┬Ám by a broadband-pumped dual-chirped optical parametric amplification"
Optics Express 24(22), pp.24989-24998
A. Chew, Y. Yin, J. Li, X. Ren, E. Cunningham, Y. Wu, and Z. Chang
"Studies in above-and below-threshold harmonics in argon with an infrared femtosecond laser"
47th Regular DAMOP Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island, May
Y. Cheng, M. Chini, X.M. Tong, A. Chew, J. Biedermann, Y. Wu, E. Cunningham, Z. Chang
"Quantum Beats in Attosecond Transient Absorption of Krypton Autoionizing States"
CREOL Industrial Affiliates Symposium
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