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Journal Papers (refereed)
H.W. Chen, J. He, and S.T. Wu
"Recent Advances on Quantum-Dot-Enhanced Liquid-Crystal Displays "
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 23(5), 1900611 (2017)
Y. Wang, J. He, H. Chen, J. Chen, R. Zhu, P. Ma, A. Towers, Y. Lin, A.J. Gesquiere, S.T. Wu, and Y. Dong
"Ultrastable, highly luminescent organic - inorganic perovskite-polymer composite films"
Advanced Materials 28(48), pp.10710–10717
D. Xu, F. Peng, G. Tan, J. He, S.T. Wu
"A semi-empirical equation for the response time of in-plane switching liquid crystal display and measurement of twist elastic constant"
Journal of Applied Physics 117, pp.203103
Conference Proceedings
R. Lanzafame, I. Stadler, Y.J. Dong, H. Chen, S.T. Wu, and J. He
"Preliminary studies of a novel red-emitting quantum dot led source for photobiomodulation applications"
Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 49, pp. 57-58
H. Chen, J. He, and S. T. Wu
"Recent advances in quantum-dot-enhanced liquid crystal displays "
IEEE. J. Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 23(5), 1900611 (2017)
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