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Journal Papers (refereed)
Lan Li, Hongtao Lin, Shutao Qiao, Yizhong Huang, Junying Li, Jerome Michon, Tian Gu, Carlos Ramos, Laurent Vivien, Anupama Yadav, Kathleen Richardson, Nanshu Lu, Juejun Hu
"Monolithic Stretchable Integrated Photonics"
in press, Light: Science and Applications
Anupama Yadav, Myungkoo Kang, Charmayne Smith, Jason Lonergan, Andrew Buff, Laura Sisken, Karima Chamma, Cesar Blanco, Joe Caraccio, Theresa Mayer, Clara Rivero-Baleine, Kathleen Richardson
"Influence of phase-separation on structure-property relationships in the (GeSe2-3As2Se3)1-xPbSex glass system"
Phys. Chem. Glasses: Eur. J. Glass Sci. Technol. B, 58 (4), 115–126 (2017)
Conference Proceedings
M. Malinowski, J.-E. Tremblay, G. F. C. Gonzalez, A. Rao, S. Khan, A. Yadav, K. A. Richardson, P. Delfyett, M. C. Wu and S. Fathpour
"Amplified Octave-Spanning Supercontinuum Chalcogenide Waveguides for Second-Harmonic Generation"
2017 IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC), Orlando, FL, October 2017.
A. Honardoost, S. Khan, G. F. Camacho Gonzalez, J.-E. Tremblay, A. Yadav, K. A. Richardson, M. C. Wu, and S. Fathpour
"Heterogeneous Integration of Thin-Film Lithium Niobate and Chalcogenide Waveguides on Silicon"
2017 IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC), Orlando, FL, October 2017.
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