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Journal Papers (refereed)
J. Zhao, I. Kim, O. Vassilieva, T. Ikeuchi, W. Wang, H. Wen, and G.F. Li
"Minimizing the number of spans for terrestrial fiber-optic systems using quasi-single-mode transmission"
IEEE Photonics Journal, 10(1), 7200110
J. Wang, S.Y. Yu, and G.F. Li
"Preface to the special issue on "Optical Communications Exploiting the Space Domain''"
Optics Communications, 408, pp. 1-2 Special Issue
J. Wang, Z.H. Han, Y.H. Guo, L.C. Kimerling, J. Michel, A.M. Agarwal, M. Anuradha, G.F. Li, and L. Zhang
"Robust generation of frequency combs in a microresonator with strong and narrowband loss"
Photonics Research, 5(6), pp. 552-556
W. Wang, J. Zhao, L. Zhang, Q. Mo, Z.Q. Yang, C. Li, Z. Wang, Z.Z. Zhang, C. Carboni, and G.F. Li
"4 x 10-Gb/s MIMO-free polarization and mode group multiplexing for data center applications"
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 29(20), pp. 1711-1714
J. Wang, Y.H. Guo, H.N. Liu, G.F. Li, and L. Zhang
"A comparative analysis on fully integrated spectral broadening of kerr frequency combs"
IEEE Photonics Journal, 9(5), 4502509
B. Huang, H.S. Chen, N.K. Fontaine, R. Ryf, I. Giles, and G.F. Li
"Large-bandwidth, low-loss, efficient mode mixing using long-period mechanical gratings"
Optics Letters, 42(18), pp. 3594-3597
L.Q. He, Y.H. Guo, Z.H. Han, K. Wada, L.C. Kimberling, J. Michel, A.M. Agarwal, G.F. Li, and L. Zhang
"Loss reduction of silicon-on-insulator waveguides for deep mid-infrared applications"
Optics Letters, 42(17), pp. 3454-3457
H. Wen, H. Zheng, Q. Mo, A. M. Velázquez-Benítez, C. Xia, B. Huang, H. Liu, H. Yu, P. Sillard, J. E. Antonio-Lopez, R. Amezcua-Correa and G.F. Li
"Few-mode fibre-optic microwave photonic links "
Light-Science & Applications, 6, e17021
M.H. Yang, Y.H. Guo, J. Wang, Z.H. Han, K. Wada, L.C. Kimberling, A.M. Agarwal, J. Michel, G.F. Li, and L. Zhang
"Mid-IR supercontinuum generated in low-dispersion Ge-on-Si waveguides pumped by sub-ps pulses"
Optics Express, 25(14), pp. 16116-16122
Z.Q. Yang, R.L. Mi, NB. Zhao, L. Zhang, and G.F. Li
"Simultaneous measurement of chromatic and modal dispersion in FMFs using microwave photonic techniques"
IEEE Photonics Journal, 9(3), 5501409
J. Li, F. Ren, T. Hu, Z. Li, Y. He, Z. Chen, Q. Mo, and G.F. Li
"Recent progress in mode-division multiplexed passive optical networks with low modal crosstalk"
Optical Fiber Technology, 35, pp.28-36 Invited
Y.H. Guo, Z. Jafari, A.M. Agarwal, L.C. Kimerling, G.F. Li, J. Michel, and L. Zhang
"Bilayer dispersion-flattened waveguides with four zero-dispersion wavelengths"
Optics Letters 41(21), pp.4939-4942
H. Wen, Y. Alahmadi, P.L. LiKamWa, C. Xia, C. Carboni, and G.F. Li
"Four-mode semiconductor optical amplifier"
APL Photonics 1(7), 070801, Invited Article
Z. Wang, H. Wu, X.L. Hu, N.B. Zhao, Q. Mo, and G.F. Li
"Rayleigh scattering in few-mode optical fibers"
Scientific Reports 6, 35844
B. Huang; H. Chen; N.K. Fontaine; C. Jin; K. Shang; R. Ryf; R. J. Essiambre; B. Ung; Y. Massadeq; S. LaRochelle; G.F. Li
"Spatially and spectrally resolved gain characterization of space-division multiplexing amplifiers with coherent swept-wavelength reflectometry"
Journal of Lightwave Technology, PP(99)
H. Chen, C. Jin, B. Huang, N.K. Fontaine, R. Ryf, K. Shang, N. Gregoire, S. Morency, R.J. Essiambre, G.F. Li, Y. Messaddeq, and S. LaRochelle
"Integrated cladding-pumped multicore few-mode erbium-doped fibre amplifier for space-division-multiplexed communications"
Nature Photonics 10(8), pp.529-533
M. Parto, M.A. Eftekhar, M.A. Miri, R. Amezcua-Correa, G.F. Li, and D.N. Christodoulides
"Systematic approach for designing zero-DGD coupled multi-core optical fibers"
Optics Letters 41(9), pp.1917-1920
H. Wen, C. Xia, A. Velazquez-Benitez, N. Chand, J. Antonio-Lopez, B. Huang, H. Liu, H. Zheng, P. Sillard, X. Liu, X, F. Effenberger, R. Amezcua-Correa, and G.F. Li
"First demonstration of 6-mode PON achieving a record gain of 4 dB in upstream transmission loss budget"
Journal of Lightwave Technology, 34(8), 1990-1996, 2016
C. Carboni and G.F. Li
"Novel applications of space-division multiplexing"
Frontiers of Optoelectronics 9(2), pp.270-276
C. Xia, M.A. Eftekhar, R. Amezcua-Correa, J.E. Antonio-Lopez, A. Schülzgen, D.N. Christodoulides, and G.F. Li
"Supermodes in coupled multi-core waveguide structures"
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 22 (2), 4401212
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