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Book Chapters
L.D. Madsen
"Successful women ceramic and glass scientists and engineers: 100 inspirational profiles"
Wiley, ISBN: 978-1-118-73360-8
J. D. Musgraves, S. Danto, and K. Richardson
"Chapter 4: Thermal Properties of Chalcogenide Glasses "
in Chalcogenide Glasses: Preparation, Properties, and Applications J.L. Adam, X. Zhang (Eds.), Woodhead Publishing Limited, Cambridge UK
J. D. Musgraves, S. Danto, K. Richardson, J. Hu
"Chapter 7: Chalcogenide Glass Thin Film And Fiber Structures for Chemical and Biological Sensing "
in Amorphous Chalcogenides: Advances and Applications, R. Wang (Ed.) Pan Stanford Publishing, Singapore
Journal Papers (refereed)
A. Lepicard, F. Adamietz, V. Rodriguez, K. Richardson, M. Dussauze
"Dimensional control of electro-optical second harmonic responses in chalcogenide glasses "
submitted, Nature Photonics
Lan Li, Hongtao Lin, Yizhong Huang, Ren-Jye Shiue, Anupama Yadav, Junying Li, Jerome Michon, Dirk Englund, Kathleen Richardson, Tian Gu, Juejun Hu
"High-performance flexible waveguide-integrated photodetectors"
submitted, Optica
Lan Li, Hongtao Lin, Shutao Qiao, Yizhong Huang, Junying Li, Jerome Michon, Tian Gu, Carlos Ramos, Laurent Vivien, Anupama Yadav, Kathleen Richardson, Nanshu Lu, Juejun Hu
"Monolithic Stretchable Integrated Photonics"
in press, Light: Science and Applications
Samuel Serna, Hongtao Lin, Carlos Alonso-Ramos, Anupama Yadav, Xavier Le Roux, Kathleen Richardson, Eric Cassani, Nicolas Dubreuil, Juejun Hu and Laurent Vivien
"Nonlinear properties of integrated GeSbS chalcogenide waveguides in the telecom window "
submitted, Photonic Research (special issue on nonlinear photonics)
C. M. Schwarz, C. N. Grabill, G. D. Richardson, S. Labh, C. Rivero-Baleine, B. Gleason, K. Richardson, A. Pogrebnyakov, T. S. Mayer, S. M. Kuebler
"Processing and fabrication of micro-structures by multiphoton lithography in germanium-doped arsenic selenide"
submitted, Optics Letters
J. Lonergan, J. McCloy, C. Smith, K. Richardson
"Thermal, optical, & mechanical properties of bulk Gex-Gay-Se(1-x-y) chalcogenide glasses ranging from x=0.1 to 0.3 and from y=0.05 to 0.15"
submitted, J. Appl. Physics
Hongtao Lin, Yi Song, Yizhong Huang, Derek Kita, Kaiqi Wang, Lan Li, Junying Li, Hanyu Zheng, Skylar Deckoff-Jones, Zhengqian Luo, Haozhe Wang, Spencer Novak, Anupama Yadav, Kevin Huang, Tian Gu, Daniel Hewak, Kathleen Richardson, Jing Kong, Juejun Hu,
"Chalcogenide Glass-on-Graphene Photonics"
Nature Photonics
Anupama Yadav, Myungkoo Kang, Charmayne Smith, Jason Lonergan, Andrew Buff, Laura Sisken, Karima Chamma, Cesar Blanco, Joe Caraccio, Theresa Mayer, Clara Rivero-Baleine, Kathleen Richardson
"Influence of phase-separation on structure-property relationships in the (GeSe2-3As2Se3)1-xPbSex glass system"
Phys. Chem. Glasses: Eur. J. Glass Sci. Technol. B, 58 (4), 115–126 (2017)
Amirmahdi, Honardoost, Guillermo F. Camacho-Gonzalez, Saeed Khan, Marcin Malinowski, Ashutosh Rao, Jean-E.Tremblay, Anupama Yadav, Kathleen A. Richardson, Ming C. Wu and Sasan Fathpour
"Cascaded Integration of Optical Waveguides with Third-Order Nonlinearity with Lithium Niobate Waveguides on Silicon Substrates"
submitted, APL Photonics
Spencer Novak, Pao Tai Lin, Cheng Li, Chatdanai Lumdee, Juejun Hu, Anuradha Agarwal, Pieter G. Kik, Weiwei Deng, Kathleen Richardson
"Direct print of multilayer gradient refractive index chalcogenide glass coatings by electrospray"
ACS Appl. Materials and Interfaces 9 26990-26995 (2017)
Laura Sisken, Charmayne Smith, Andrew Buff, Myungkoo Kang, Karima Chamma, Peter Wachtel, J. David Musgraves, Clara Rivero-Baleine, Andrew Kirk, Matthew Kalinowski, Megan Melvin, Theresa Mayer and K. Richardson
"Evidence of spatially selective refractive index modification in a 15GeSe2-45As2Se3-40PbSe glass ceramic through correlation of structure and optical property measurements for GRIN applications "
Opt. Mat. Express 7 (9) 3051-3092 (2017)
Jean Étienne Tremblay, Po-Kai Hsu, Guan-Lin Su, Kyungmok Kwon, Pengfei Quiao, Marcin Malinowski, Guillermo F. Camacho-Gonzalez, Connie Chang-Hasnain, Anupama Yadav, Kathleen Richardson, Sasan Fathpour and Ming C. Wu
"Integration of chalcogenide glass and silicon nitride for supercontinuum generation and nonlinear photonics "
submitted, Optica
M. Kang, Y. Yuwen, W. Hu, S. Yun, K. Mahalingam, B. Jiang, K. G. Eyink, K. Richardson, and T. S. Mayer,
"Self-Organized Freestanding One-Dimensional Au Nanoparticle Arrays"
ACS Nano 11 (6), 5844–5852 (2017)
C. M. Schwarz, C. N. Grabill, G. D. Richardson, S. Labh, A. M. Lewis, A. Vyas, B. Gleason, C. Rivero-Baleine, K. Richardson, A. Pogrebnyakov, T. S. Mayer, C. Drake, S. M. Kuebler,
"Fabrication and characterization of micro-structures created in arsenic trisulfide chalcogenide glasses by multi-photon lithography"
Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS vol.16 (2) 023508 (2017)
James Marro, Chukwudi A Okoro, Yaw S Obeng, Kathleen A Richardson
"The Impact of Organic Additives On Copper Trench Microstructure"
J. of the Electrochemical Society 164 (9) D543-D550 (2017)
L. Li, H. Lin, J. Michon, Y. Huang, J. Li, Q. Du, A. Yadav, K.A. Richardson, T. Gu, and J. Hu
"A new twist on glass: a brittle material enabling flexible integrated photonics"
International Journal of Applied Glass Science 8(1), pp. 61-68
D. Kita, H. Lin, A. Agarwal, K.A. Richardson, I. Luzinov, T. Gu, and J. Hu
"On-chip infrared spectroscopic sensing: redefining the benefits of scaling"
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 23(2)
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