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Book Chapters
E.W. Van Stryland and D.J. Hagan
"Characterization of 2PA chromophores"
Multiphoton lithography, edited by Jurgen Stampfl, Robert Liska, and Aleksandr Ovsianikov, Wiley-VCH
E.W. Van Stryland and D.J. Hagan
"Nonlinear absorption"
Encyclopedia of Optical Engineering, CRC Press, Taylor Francis
Olga V. Przhonska, Scott Webster, Lazaro A. Padilha, Honghua Hu, Alexey D. Kachkovski, David J. Hagan, and Eric W. Van Stryland
"Two-Photon Absorption in Near-IR Conjugated Molecules: Design Strategy and Structure-Property Relations"
in "Advanced Fluorescence Reporters in Chemistry and Biology, I. Fundamentals and Molecular Design", Springer Series on Fluorescence, 2010,. Series Editor: Otto S. Wolfbeis, volume Editor A. Demchenko, Volume 8, 2010.
E. Van Stryland and D. Hagan
"Measuring Nonlinear Refraction and Its Dispersion via Propagation"
chapter in “Self-focusing: Past and Present”, Springer Topics of Applied Physics Series, ed. Robert Boyd, Svetlana Lukishova, Ron Shen, Springer Verlag, 2007.
E. W. Van Stryland and D. J. Hagan
"Nonlinear Absorption"
Encyclopedia of Optical Engineering, Marcel Dekker
M. Sheik-Bahae and E. Van Stryland
"Optical Nonlinearities in the Transparency Region of Bulk Semiconductors"
Eds. Elsa Garmire and Alan Kost, Chap. 4, 257-318, Nonlinear Optics in Semiconductors I, Academic Press
Van Stryland, Eric
"Introduction to Ultrafast and Cumulative Nonlinear Absorption and Refraction"
Beam shaping and control with nonlinear optics, Eds. F. Kajzar and R. Reinisch, Plenum, p. 39, New York
Eric Van Stryland and M. Sheik-Bahae
Characterization Techniques and Tabulations for Organic Nonlinear Optical Materials, eds. Mark Kuzyk and Carl Dirk, Marcel Decker
E.W. Van Stryland, D. Hagan, T. Xia, and A. Said
"Application of Nonlinear Optics to Passive Optical Limiting"
in Nonlinear Optics of Organic Molecular and Polymeric Materials, ed. H.S. Nalwa and S. Miyata, CRC Press Boca Raton, pp 841-860 (1997).
E.W. Van Stryland, M. Sheik-Bahae and D.J. Hagan
"Characterization and Modeling of Nonlinear Optical Absorption and Refraction"
Nonlinear and Quantum Optics, ed. N. Bloembergen, pp. 527-578, Research Trends in Physics Series, Institute for Advanced Studies Press
E.W. Van Stryland
"Third-Order and Cascaded Nonlinearities"
Laser Sources and Applications ed. A. Miller and D.M. Finlayson, 15-62
Sheik-Bahae, Mansoor; Van Stryland, Eric
"Z-scan Technique for Materials Characterization"
Materials Characterization and Optical Probe Techniques, Critical Reviews of Optical Science and Technology, Vol CR69, 501-524, SPIE
E.W. Van Stryland
"Third-Order and Cascaded Nonlinearities"
Laser Sources and Applications ed. A. Miller and D.M. Finlayson, 15-62
G. Stegeman, R. Schiek, L. Torner, W. Torruellas, T. Baek, D. Baboiu, Z. Wang, E. Van Stryland, D. Hagan, and G. Assanto
"Cascading: A Promising Approach to Nonlinear Optical Phenomena Revisited"
Novel Optical Materials and Applications, I.C. Khoo, F. Simoni and C. Umeton ed., John Wiley & Sons, Interscience Div., New York, pp. 47-96
G. Stegeman, R. Schiek, G. Krijnen, W. Torruellas, M. Sundheimer, E. Van Stryland, C. Menyuk, L. Torner and G. Assanto
"Cascading: Modelling a New Route to Large Optical Nonlinearities and All-Optical Devices"
Guided Wave Optoelectronics; device characterization, analysis, and design, Proceedings of 4’th WRI international conference on guided wave optoelectronics, ed. by T. Tamir, H. Bertoni and G. Griffel, (Plenum Press, New York), 371-9
L. Chase and E. Van Stryland
"Nonlinear Refractive Index: inorganic materials"
Handbook of Laser Science and Technology; supplement 2: Optical Materials, section 8, pp. 269-288, Ed. M. Weber, CRC Press
E. Van Stryland and L. Chase
"Two Photon Absorption: inorganic materials"
Handbook of Laser Science and Technology; supplement 2: Optical Materials, section 8, pp. 299-328, Ed. M. Weber, CRC Press
Journal Papers (refereed)
P. Zhao, S. Tofighi, R.M. O'Donnell, J.M. Shi, P.Y. Zavalij, M.V. Bondar, D.J. Hagan, E.W. Van Stryland
"Electronic Nature of New Ir(III) Complexes: Linear Spectroscopic and Nonlinear Optical Properties"
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121(42), pp. 23609-23617
P. Zhao, M. Reichert, D.J. Hagan and E.W. Van Stryland
"Dispersion of nondegenerate nonlinear refraction in semiconductors "
Optics Express 24(22), pp.24907-24920
M. Reichert, P. Zhao, J.M. Reed, T.R. Ensley, D.J. Hagan, and E.W. Van Stryland
"Beam deflection measurement of bound-electronic and rotational nonlinear refraction in molecular gases: erratum"
Optics Express, Vol. 24, Issue 17, pp. 19122-19122 (2016)
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