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Boris Ya. Zeldovich, Alexander V. Mamaev and Vladimir V. Shkunov
"Speckle-Wave Interactions in Application to Holography and Nonlinear Optics"
CRC Press
Journal Papers (refereed)
S. Mokhov, A. Spiro, V. Smirnov, S. Kaim, B.Y. Zeldovich, and L.B. Glebov
"Stretching of picosecond laser pulses with uniform reflecting volume Bragg gratings"
Laser Physics, 27(8), 085002
B.Y. Zeldovich
"Impedance and canonical variables for the oscillators with "magnetic-type" forces"
Theoretical Physics (accepted for publication)
N.V. Tabiryan, S.V. Serak, S.R. Nersisyan, D.E. Roberts, B.Y. Zeldovich, D.M. Steeves, and B.R. Kimball
"Broadband waveplate lenses"
Optics Express 24(7), pp.7091-7102
S. Kaim, J. Lumeau, V. Smirnov, B.Y. Zeldovich, L.B. Glebov
"Metric for the measurement of the quality of complex beams: a theoretical study"
Journal of Optical Society of America A 32(4)
S. Mokhov, L. Glebov, and B. Zeldovich
"Quality deterioration of self-phase modulated Gaussian beams."
Laser Physics Letters 12(1), pp.1-6
S. Kaim, S. Mokhov, D. Ott, I. Divliansky, J. Lumeau, V. Smirnov, B.Y. Zeldovich, L.B. Glebov
"Saturation of multiplexed volume Bragg grating recording"
Journal of the Optical Society of America A 32, pp.22-27
S. Mokhov, D. Ott, I. Divliansky, B. Zeldovich, and L. Glebov
"Moire volume Bragg grating filter with tunable bandwidth"
Optics Express 22(17), pp. 20375-20386
S Kaim, S Mokhov, BY Zeldovich, and LB Glebov
"Stretching and compressing of short laser pulses by chirped volume Bragg gratings: analytic and numerical modeling"
Optical Engineering 53(5)
Kaim, Sergiy; Mokhov, Sergiy; Zeldovich, Boris; Glebov, Leonid.
"Stretching and compressing of short laser pulses by chirped volume Bragg gratings: analytic and numerical modeling"
Optical Engineering 53(5), 051509.
Boris Ya Zeldovich, and Chang Ching Tsai
"An electromagnetic world without polarization"
Journal Of Optics 15(1)
M. SeGall, V. Rotar, J. Lumeau, S. Mokhov, B. Zeldovich, and L. Glebov
"Binary volume phase masks in photo-thermo-refractive glass"
Opt. Lett. 37, 1190-1192
Vadim Smirnov, Julien Lumeau, Sergiy Mokhov, Boris Ya. Zeldovich, Leonid B. Glebov
"Ultranarrow Bandwidth Moire Reflecting Bragg Gratings Recorded in Photo-Thermo-Refractive Glass"
Optics Letters 35, 592-594
H. Shu, S. Mokhov, B. Ya. Zeldovich, and M. Bass
"The reflection of a laser beam by a deformed highly reflective volume Bragg grating using iteration of the beam propagation method"
Appl. Opt. 48, 22-27
S. Mokhov and B. Ya. Zeldovich
"Strength of electromagnetic, acoustic and Schrödinger reflections"
Proc. R. Soc. A 464, 3071-3080
C. C. Tsai, L. B. Glebov, and B. Ya. Zeldovich
"Adiabatic three-wave volume hologram: large efficiency independent of grating strength and polarization"
Opt. Lett. 31, 718-720
H. Sarkissian, S.V. Serak, N.V. Tabiryan, L.B. Glebov, V. Rotar, B.Ya. Zeldovich
"Polarization-controlled switching between diffraction orders in transverse-periodically aligned nematic liquid crystals"
Optics Letters 31, 2248-2250
Goun, A. A.; Zel'dovich, B. Y.
"Relaxation of a two-level system: non-negativity of density matrix and possibility for anomalously long T-2"
Journal of Modern Optics. 49(3-4) 503-509
Goun, A. A.; Zel'Dovich, B. Y.
"Change of partial polarization of a beam under phase conjugation"
Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials. 10(3) 371-375
Savchenko, A. Y.; Tabiryan, N. V.; Zeldovich, B. Y.
"Transfer of momentum and torque from a light beam to a liquid"
Physical Review E. 56(4) 4773-4779
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