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Journal Papers (refereed)
H. E. Williams, C. Diaz, G. Padilla, F. E. Hernandez, S. M. Kuebler
"Order of multiphoton excitation of sulfonium photo-acid generators used in photoresists based on SU-8"
J. Appl. Phys. 121, 223104-1 - 223104-12
J. Donnelly, Y. Vesga, and F.E. Hernandez
"Enhanced two-photon absorption and fluorescence upconversion in Thioflavin T micelle-type aggregates in glycerol/water solution"
Chemical Physics 477, pp.19-23
Y. Vesga and F.E. Hernandez
"Study of the effect of the pulse-width of the excitation source on the two-photon absorption and two-photon circular dichroism spectra of biaryl derivatives"
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 120(34), pp.6774-6779
J. Donnelly, C. Diaz, and F.E. Hernandez
"OCTET & BIOTEC: a model of a summer intensive camp designed to cultivate the future generation of young leaders in stem"
Journal of Chemical Education 93(4), pp.619-625
J. Donnelly and F.E. Hernandez
"Two-photon absorption spectroscopy on curcumin in solution: a state-of-the-art physical chemistry experiment"
Journal of Chemical Education 94(1), pp.101–104
D. Padula, I.R. Lahoz, C. Diaz, F.E. Hernandez, L. Di Bari, A. Rizzo, F. Santoro, M.M. Cid
"A combined experimental-computational investigation to uncover the puzzling (chiro-)optical response of pyridocyclophanes: one- and two-photon spectra"
Chemistry - A European Journal 21(34), pp.12136-12147
C. Diaz, L. Llovera, L. Echevarria, F.E. Hernandez
"Assessment of the tautomeric population of benzimidazole derivatives in solution: a simple and versatile theoretical-experimental approach"
Journal Of Computer-Aided Molecular Design 29(2), pp.143-154
C. Diaz, Y. Vesga, L. Echevarria, I.G. Stara, I. Stary, E. Anger, C. Shen, M.E.S. Moussa, N. Vanthuyne, J. Crassous, A. Rizzo, F.E. Hernandez
"Two-photon absorption and two-photon circular dichroism of hexahelicene derivatives: a study of the effect of the nature of intramolecular charge transfer"
RSC Advances 5(23), pp.17429-17437
Y Vesga, C Diaz, M Higgs, and FE Hernandez
"Two-photon circular dichroism of molecular structures simulating L-tryptophan residues in proteins with secondary structures"
Chemical Physics Letters 601 pp. 6-12
Carlos Diaz, Lorenzo Echevarria, Antonio Rizzo, and Florencio E. Hernandez
"Two-Photon Circular Dichroism of an Axially Dissymmetric Diphosphine Ligand with Strong Intramolecular Charge Transfer"
Journal Of Physical Chemistry A 118(5), pp. 940-946
Jose A. Tiburcio-Moreno, J. J. Alvarado-Gil, Carlos Diaz, Lorenzo Echevarria, and Florencio E. Hernandez
"Polarization dependent two-photon absorption spectroscopy on a naturally occurring biomarker (curcumin) in solution: A theoretical-experimental study"
Chemical Physics Letters, 583, pp.160-164
Lorenzo Echevarria, and Florencio Eloy Hernandez
"Educational Light-POD: An Activity for Middle and High School Students To Explore the Principles of Analog Transmission Using Photoacoustic Modulation of Fluorescence"
Journal of Chemical Education 90(7), pp.900-903
Carlos Diaz, Lorenzo Echevarria, and Florencio E. Hernandez
"Overcoming the existent computational challenges in the ab initio calculations of the two-photon circular dichroism spectra of large molecules using a fragment-recombination approach"
Chemical Physics Letters, 568 pp.176-183
Marcelo G. Vivas, Carlos Diaz, Lorenzo Echevarria, Cleber R. Mendonca, Florencio E. Hernandez, and Leonardo De Boni
"Two-Photon Circular-Linear Dichroism of Perylene in Solution: A Theoretical-Experimental Study"
Journal Of Physical Chemistry B 117(9), pp.2742-2747
Carlos Diaz, Na Lin, Carlos Toro, Remy Passier, Antonio Rizzo, and F. E. Hernandez
"The Effect of the pi-Electron Delocalization Curvature on the Two-Photon Circular Dichroism of Molecules with Axial Chirality"
Journal Of Physical Chemistry Letters 3(13), pp.1808-1813
C. Diaz, A. Frazer, A. Morales, K. D. Belfield, S. Ray, and F. E. Hernandez
"Structural Identification of a Novel Axially Chiral Binaphthyl Fluorene Based Salen Ligand in Solution Using Electronic Circular Dichroism: A Theoretical Experimental Analysis"
Journal Of Physical Chemistry A 116(10), pp.2453-2465
F. E. Hernandez, and A. Rizzo
"Two-Photon Polarization Dependent Spectroscopy in Chirality: A Novel Experimental-Theoretical Approach to Study Optically Active Systems"
Molecules 16(4), pp. 3315-3337
C. Toro, R. Passier, C. Diaz, T. Tuuttila, K. Rissanen, J. Huuskonen, and F. E. Hernandez
"Unveiling Electronic Transitions in Three Novel Chiral Azo-Compounds Using Linear and Nonlinear Circular Dichroism: A Theoretical Experimental Study"
Journal of Physical Chemistry A 115(7), pp. 1186-1193
K. D. Belfield, M. V. Bondar, F. E. Hernandez, O. Przhonska, X. Wang, and S. Yao
"A superfluorescent fluorenyl probe with efficient two-photon absorption"
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13(10) 4303-4310
N. Lin, F. Santoro, X. Zhao, C. Toro, L. De Boni, F. E. Hernandez, and A. Rizzo
"Computational Challenges in Simulating and Analyzing Experimental Linear and Nonlinear Circular Dichroism Spectra. R-(+)-1,1 '-Bis(2-naphthol) as a Prototype Case"
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115(5), pp. 811-824
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