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CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics, is a world leader in education, research, and industrial partnership. Optics and photonics is the science and technology of light: lasers, LEDs, LCDs, optical fibers, and imaging systems for applications in industry and medicine. Learn more by exploring this website, and visit us to see our facilities and meet our faculty, staff, and students.

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Abstract: We live in a world subject to threats, and for more than 65 years Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has worked to strengthen our national security to make the world a safer place. LLNL applies world-class science, technology and…
Dissertation Title:“STABLE, HIGHLY LUMINESCENT PEROVSKITE-POLYMER COMPOSITES FOR PHOTONICS APPLICATIONS” Abstract:   Metal halide perovskites (simplified as perovskites as below), particularly those in nanocrystal forms, have recently emerged as highly efficient, bandgap tunable photonics materials that can be easily solution processed at…
Dissertation Title: “HIGH PERFORMANCE LIQUID CRYSTAL DEVICES FOR AUGMENTED REALITY AND VIRTUAL REALITY” Abstract:     See-through augmented reality and virtual reality displays, such as Google Glass, HoloLens, Magic Leap one, and Oculus Rift, are emerging due to their useful applications…

CREOL is looking for a new Dean

Bahaa Saleh announced his plans to step down as dean and return to the faculty at the end of the fall 2019 semester. Since 2009, Dr. Saleh has served as dean of the college. Under his thoughtful leadership, the college has bolstered its status as a world leader in education, research, and industry partnerships. Dean Saleh has helped to make CREOL/COP a pacesetter in optics and lasers.

This transition provides an important opportunity for our university community to reflect upon the ideal experiences and attributes for the next COP leader, who will provide vision and guidance that are integral to UCF’s advancement as a major metropolitan research university of global influence and impact.

The process leading to this selection is underway. The goal is to announce the new dean by the end of the fall 2019 semester.

This is an exciting time for our university. Building on CREOL’s tremendous accomplishments to date, the next dean will be well positioned to advance the college and the university in excellence, distinction, and impact.


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With ambitious plans and a new B.S. Degree in Photonic Science and Engineering, the college relies on the support of dedicated alumni, industrial partners and community members as we continue to grow our research and educational programs, develop our faculty and expand our labs and other facilities.