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OSE6315 - Liquid Crystal Materials and Devices

Liquid crystal materials, molecular alignment, optical properties, electro-optic modulators, display devices, and tunable photonic devices. As of Summer 2008, this course replaced OSE6938C.

Liquid crystals have been extensively used for direct-view and projection displays and photonic devices in the visible, infrared and millimeter-wave spectral regions. This course is intended for graduate students who have interest in liquid crystal photonic devices. Topics to be covered include basic liquid crystal materials and their physical, optical, and electro-optic properties, and photonic devices for amplitude and phase modulations, such as light switches, adaptive-focus lenses, laser beam steering, and variable optical attenuators.

Tunable bandpass filter based on the temperature dependent photonic band gap in chiral nematic liquid crystals

Pre-requisites:  Graduate Standing or Consent of Instructor


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