Bachelor of Science in Photonic Science and Engineering
A Bachelor’s Degree for the 21
st Century

Why Photonics?

Think about where you see the use of light in daily life – from the displays on your cell phone to the sophisticated technology needed to make the smartphone “smart”, photonics uses light to transmit, transfer, and store information. It’s an enabling technology, finding application is almost every industry and in many consumer products:  Energy efficient lighting, cameras, satellite imagery, additive manufacturing, laser surgery, sensing, communication, entertainment, and much more. U.S. companies active in photonics employ 7.4 million individuals and account for $3 trillion in annual revenues.  The photonics engineers employed by these companies are critical to their success.

The Degree

Our Bachelor of Science in Photonic Science and Engineering will enable students to analyze and design optical and laser systems for a broad set of applications including manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunication, defense, security, and entertainment.

PSE students have many unique advantages at UCF.  CREOL is home to faculty who are world renowned and leaders in the fields of optics and photonics.

Other strong advantages include:

  • Strong undergraduate faculty who have lead the graduate programs to be ranked in the Top 15 nationally
  • Strong connections to industry, enabling students to find internship opportunities
  • Very active undergraduate student organization, the Society of Optics Students (SOS), which holds many events of value to our students.
  • Strong academic advising program where students can get help as they register for courses and plan their degree program.
  • Only bachelor’s of its kind offered in Florida.

Many Opportunities for Graduates

Graduates of the PSE program are in high demand and command high salaries.   A typical starting salary is in the $60,000-70,000 range.

With over 35,000 U.S. companies in the field, graduates have opportunities to work in the biomedical, aerospace, communication, energy production, data storage, defense and national security, information processing, or advanced manufacturing industries.

Plus, we have a strong master’s and Ph.D. program for those who wish to pursue an advanced degree.  We have programs that allow students to easily transition to graduate school or earn graduate level credit while still earning their bachelor’s degree.

Learn More about Photonics

Lighting.  Smart Fibers.  Communication.  Aviation.  National Defense.  Displays.  Entertainment.  Alternative Energy.  Biology and Medicine.  Sensing and Autonomous Vehicles.  

Photonics will be fundamental in the 21st Century in an effort to improve technology, increase efficiencies, and advance a cleaner world.  

Photonics is a vast field with many opportunities for careers.  Learn more about Photonics.