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Bachelor’s to Master’s Program

Students in the Photonic Science and Engineering program may take up to 9 credit hours of master’s level coursework and use those classes to satisfy both PSE requirements and master’s track coursework. Students who wish to take these courses must achieve the following:
  • Have and maintain a UCF and Major GPA of at least 3.5.
  • Complete OSE 3200 Geometric Optics and OSE 3052(L) Introduction to Photonics + Lab.
  • Complete prerequisites required for courses being substituted.
Some classes will count toward the restricted elective requirements (see PSE program requirements) while others can count as a substitution for a required course in the undergraduate program.

To seek approval to take graduate classes, see the forms page and contact your PSE Advisor.

Approved as a restricted elective:
  • OSE 5115 Interference Diffraction Coherence (3)
  • OSE 5203 Geometric Optic and Imaging Systems (3)
  • OSE 6111 Optical Wave Propagation (3)
  • OSE 6211 Imaging and Optical Systems (3)
Substitutions: (Students must complete the prerequisites for the course which is being substituted prior to taking the master’s level course):
  • OSE 5414 Fundamentals of Optoelectronic Devices (3)
    - Substitutes for OSE 4410 Optoelectronics (3)
  • OSE 6525 Laser Engineering (3)
    - Substitutes for OSE 4520 Laser Engineering (3)
  • OSE 6526C Laser Engineering Lab (3)
    - Substitutes for OSE 4520L Laser Engineering Lab (1)
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