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BS in Photonic Science and Engineering: Course Requirements

Academic Learning Compact
Outcomes and Measures

Reading your Degree Audit
The Photonic Science and Engineering Curriculum is divided into five categories: Common Program Prerequisites (required for any engineering major) Engineering Core (Basic Level), Engineering Core (Advanced Level), Photonics Major and Capstone, and Restricted Electives. The Academic Learning Compacts and the Outcomes and Measures specify learning goals and targets throughout the instructional program.

There are several minimum grade targets:
* Indicates "C-" minimum required by the Gordon Rule
** Indicates minimum "C" or better grade
+ Must achieve a 2.25 or greater GPA for all engineering core, photonics major, capstone, and restricted electives combined.
First Year Students Only need to take these courses. If not taken as a freshman, these credits are added to restricted electives requirements.

Lab Course: PSE Majors must complete the lab course concurrent with the course of the same number. The course is 3 semester hours, the lab course is 1 semester hour. The courses with lab requirements are:
OSE 3200/OSE 3200L Geometric Optics + Lab
OSE 3052/OSE 3052L Foundations of Photonics + Lab
OSE 4410/OSE 4410L Optoelectronics + Lab
OSE 4470/OSE 4470L Fiber Optic Communications + Lab
OSE 4520/OSE 4520L Laser Engineering +Lab
OSE 4830/OSE 4830L Imaging and Display + Lab

PSE Transfer of Credit: Courses with a common course number taken at any Florida State University System (SUS) institution or Florida community college are automatically transferable. Students with a Bachelor of Science from an accredited institution or an Associate of Arts degree from a Florida SUS institution or Florida community college automatically satisfy the GEP. Substitutions for GEP must be approved through Academic Services, Millican Hall (MH) 210.

Substitutions for Photonic Science and Engineering requirements are on a course-by-course basis and MUST be approved by the PSE Associate Director. Instructions for this process are in the PSE program office, CREOL 108B. The decision is typically based on the degree of similarity of the two courses both in content and level of presentation. Regardless of transfer credit, the University and School residency requirements must be satisfied.

Planning Tools: Several tools are available to help you prepare and monitor your progress toward a BS-PSE degree: Refer to the UCF Catalog, use the Flowchart below, download the Checklist, look up Course Syllabi, or contact the Advisors Office for more information.

CHS 1440
CHM 2045C
Principles of Chemistry ** or
Chemistry Fundamentals I **
MAC 2311C Calculus I ** 4
MAC 2312 Calculus II ** 4
MAC 2313 Calculus III ** 4
MAP 2302 Differential Equations ** 3
PHY 2048C Physics for Engineers & Scientists I ** 4
PHY 2049C Physics for Engineers & Scientists II ** 4
EGS 1006C Intro to Eng. Prof * ‡ 1
EGN 1007C Eng. Concepts and Methods ‡ 1
EGN 3211 Engineering Analysis & Comp. ** 3
EGN 3032 Probability & Statistics for Engrs * (mGPA) 3
PHY 3101 Physics for Engineers & Scientists III ** 3
ENGINEERING CORE: Advanced Level (mGPA) 17
EEL 3004C Electrical Networks ** 3
EEL 3123C Networks and Systems ** 3
EEE 3350 Semiconductor Devices I 3
EEE 3307C Electronics I 4
EEL 3552C Signal Analysis and Communications 4
OSE 3200(+L) Geometric Optics & Lab 3+1
OSE 3052(+L) Foundations of Photonics & Lab 3+1
OSE 4830(+L) Imaging & Display & Lab 3+1
OSE 4470(+L) Fiber Optic Communications & Lab 3+1
OSE 4930 Frontiers in Photonics 3
OSE 3053 EM Waves for Photonics 3
OSE 4520(+L) Laser Engineering & Lab 3+1
OSE 4410(+L) Optoelectronics & Lab 3+1
OSE 4951 Senior Design I 3
OSE 4952 Senior Design II 3
Refer to and the myKnight audit
for a complete list of restricted electives.
OSE 3043 Analytical Methods for Optics 3
OSE 4421 Biophotonics (RE) 3
OSE 4240 Optics & Photonics Design (RE) 3
OSE 4720 Visual Optics (RE) 3
OSE 4912 Directed Independent Research 3
OSE/EEL/PHY Approved Restricted Elective 3
or Math/Eng/Sci (max 6) 6
Indicates courses that can be taken as pending major
Can only be taken as final pending or in the major
Courses that can only be taken in the major.
Prerequisite Flow Chart
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