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Undergraduate FAQs

The Field of Photonics

What is photonics and where can I be employed?

Preparing to Enter the Major

I am in high school. What should I take to prepare for a degree in photonics?
How do I get accepted into the Bachelor of Science in Photonic Science and Engineering?
Can I meet with an advisor if I am a student in high school or a state college?

Being Successful in the Major

How much time should I study?
Where can I get tutoring help?
Should I work and take classes at the same time?
Should I create a weekly schedule?

Courses to Take

Which should I take - CHM 2045C or CHS 1440?
I took the AP exam for Physics, Chemistry or Calculus. Can it be used in place of a course at UCF?
Can I take COP 3223 instead of ENG 3211, Engineering Analysis and Computation?

Important Steps

How do I change from "photonics-pending" to the PSE Major?
I want to attend grad school. Can I take master's level classes?
Can I get credit for Undergrad Research?
What is needed to get ready for Senior Design?

Opportunities for Students

Are there internships or undergraduate research opportunities?


Where can I learn more about photonics?
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