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BS in Photonic Science and Engineering: Industry Comments

"As a growing Florida based photonics company, we are always struggling to find highly trained science and engineering graduates with the Photonics skills sets required to support our continued growth. Graduates of such a program are expected to help many small and large companies that make optics and photonics products for applications in numerous other industries, here in Central Florida and elsewhere. The emphasis on an applied curriculum that trains students to solve real-world problems and design and build working systems will be most helpful in hiring successful engineers.
To support the program, our company is willing to provide internships, job shadowing, or on-site learning opportunities for these new undergraduate students. In addition, the company is willing to provide industry mentors/tutors for these students. We are looking forward to interviewing your graduates for future hiring."
Jason Eichenholz, Chief Technical Officer, Ocean Optics Inc.
"We see big demand for undergraduate education in this field and, thus, we believe that starting the program in Optics and Photonics at UCF will be of great benefit for engineering community of Central Florida as well as nationwide."
Alexei Glebov, CEO and President OptiGrate Corp
"Graduates of such a program serve an important need in businesses such as ours in not only the photonics industry but also many related industries that use photonics, a critical enabling technology. As former Intel Corporation CEO Craig Barrett was recently quoted (in) an SPIE Newsroom interview, a commitment to investment in optics and photonics research represents "the biggest opportunity" for the U.S. to gain a competitive edge in global markets.
As part of one of the fastest growing universities in America, one of only three American schools of optics and a world renowned center of excellence for optics and photonics research CREOL is uniquely qualified to offer such a degree."
Alexandre Fong, Senior Vice-President, Gooch & Housego, LLC.
"As you are aware, the optics industry is experiencing a shortage of skilled optical engineers. The addition of an undergraduate program, in this exciting field, will have a positive impact on our society. With so many new developments in life sciences, robotics and technology directly tied to optics, now more than ever, we need a larger pool of skilled engineers to drive advancements in research and product development."
Kirsten Bjork-Jones; Director Global Marketing Communications, Edmund Optics
"On behalf of all of us at E.R. Precision Optical, a HUBZone business here in downtown Orlando, we wish to extend our voice and emphatic support toward your efforts to bring a full curriculum together for a degree tied specifically to advanced optics at UCF. This region of the US has a defense and commercial business base of many strong companies focused on technically advanced optical components across numerous markets. To have such a program would indeed help many of our businesses continue to bring in talent to support the many growing applications of optics."
Kevin Ward, Sr. Director Business Development, E.R. Precision Optical
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