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Seminar: "New concept for organic solid state laser" by Thomas Gallinelli

Wednesday, April 6, 2016 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
CREOL Room 103

Abstract :

Organic thin film solid-state lasers are promising low cost tunable lasers. A wide range of pumping designs such as Diffracted FeedBack lasers or vertical external cavities can be used.

I will present the recent results we obtained regarding an ultra-narrow linewidth tunable laser (in collaboration with Ivan Divliansky et al. at CREOL, then some promising performance with ink-jet deposited lasers, and to finish my current research toward an LED pumped organic laser.


Thomas Gallinelli is a 2nd year PhD student working at the Laser Physics Laboratory at Université Paris 13, FRANCE. Graduated from Institut d’optique Graduate School as an Optical Engineer, he works under S. Chenais and S. Forget supervision to investigate the LED pumping of Organic Solid State Lasers.      


For additional information:

Dr. Ivan Divliansky

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