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SID Student Chapter Seminar: “Liquid Crystals for Non-Display Applications" by Dr. Michael Wittek

Monday, July 17, 2017 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
CREOL Room 266


In addition to flat panel displays, liquid crystals (LCs) have also been widely used in other non-display applications, like adaptive optics, optical coherence tomography, interferometry and surface profilometry. Recently, LC based smart window has gained many interests. Also, liquid crystal mixtures with very high birefringence were designed for microwave applications. They show high tuning ranges, very low dielectric losses and high reliability against heat stress. Using those mixtures, LC-based microwave components and devices, such as phase shifter, tunable filter, and phased array antennas can be realized.


1991 - 1996   Physics U Göttingen/UC San Diego

1996 - 2000   PhD Physics U Marburg/MPI biophysical Chemistry Göttingen/UC Berkeley

2000 - 2001   Strategy Consultant Booz Allen Hamilton, Munich

2001 - 2003   Technology Consultant Fraunhofer, Munich

2003 -            R&D Manager Merck, Darmstadt

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