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IEEE & SID Joint Seminar: “Improved Liquid Crystal Devices are Boosting Optical Imaging" by Dr. Ibrahim Abdulhalim

Thursday, August 17, 2017 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
CREOL Room 103

Dr. Ibrahim Abdulhalim


The interest in liquid crystal devices for photonic non-display devices has grown recently due to their mature quality and the continuous improvement of their speed combined with the rising nanoscale and optoelectronic technologies.  Of particular interest is their application in imaging systems as compact devices to manipulate the wavefront, wavelength, phase or polarization.

Recently we have been developing a variety of specially designed LC devices integrated into imaging systems for specific optical imaging applications with emphasis on using small number of LC devices.  These included: (i) wide dynamic range tunable filters for hyperspectral imaging and frequency domain optical coherence tomography, (ii) discrete narrowband tunable filter for multispectral imaging, (iii) compact polarization rotator for polarimetric imaging, (v) wideband achromatic waveplate for polarimetric camera, (vii) polarization independent LCFP tunable filter, (vii) single LC retarder for hyperspectral imaging, (viii) annular spatial light modulator, and (ix) optically addressed spatial light modulators.  In this lecture the main concepts of these devices and their functionality into imaging systems will be presented such as in skin cancer diagnosis, road and security camera enhancement, information extraction from archaeological items, surface plasmon imaging biosensors, night vision, and full field optical coherence tomography.


Professor Ibrahim Abdulhalim is with the Electro-optical Engineering Unit at Ben Gurion University.  He worked in academic institutions and companies such as the OCSC in UC at Boulder, the ORC at Southampton University, the Thin Films Center of the University of Western Scotland, in KLA-Tencor in where he was the lead inventor of optical scatterometry for CD and overlay measurements, Nova and GWS Photonics, Published over 200 articles, 2 books, 10 chapters and inventor on 20 patents.  He is a fellow of IoP and SPIE and an associate editor for the Journal of NanoPhotonics and for the Journal of Imaging. Research interests in LC devices, nanophotonics for biosensing, optical imaging techniques and applications in diagnostics, bioimaging and industrial processes inspection using optics.

For additional information, please contact:

Juan He (IEEE)

Yun-Han Lee (SID)

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