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Biophotonics Faculty Candidate Seminar: "Rapid two-photon volumetric functional imaging of brain with synaptic resolution" by Rongwen ‘Luke’ Lu

Friday, December 1, 2017 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
CREOL Room 103


Understanding how the neural circuits integrate sensory inputs, perform computations, and generate behavior output are central goals of neuroscience. Neurons form neural circuits in three dimensions. This organization requires an imaging modality with a rapid rate of acquisition to monitor their activity dynamics.  Such speeds are challenging for traditional two-photon laser-scanning microscopy due to the limits inherent to serial scanning strategy. In this talk, I will introduce a Bessel beam module that dramatically elongates the focus in the axial direction while maintaining synapse-resolving lateral resolutions. This approach overcomes the need to scan multiple focal planes in living tissue and enables super high-speed imaging of neuronal activity in large tissue volumes in live fruit flies, zebrafish, mouse and ferrets. Our approach represents a powerful new technology to study neural circuits in live brains.


Rongwen (Luke) Lu currently is a postdoc in Dr. Na Ji’s lab at Janelia Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute. He has had a strong interest in physics, especially in optics, since high school, which motivated him to study Optical Engineering and obtained the B.S degree from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology in China. After that, Rongwen went to graduate schools in the United States. He got a M.S. in Vision Science from Indiana University at Bloomington in 2010 supervised by Professor Ann Elsner and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Alabama University at Birmingham in 2014 under the guidance of Professor Xincheng Yao. During his M.S and Ph.D., he mainly focused on developing novel and clinically useful optical imaging techniques for early diagnosis of retinal diseases. In his postdoc work, he applied novel optical techniques in neuroscience and has devised a Bessel beam module that can tremendously enhance the volume rate of two-photon microscope for brain imaging. 

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