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10/5/2018Physics World: "Deep learning improves fibre optic imaging"
9/17/2018New Understanding of Light Allows Researchers to See Around Corners
7/9/2018Measuring molecular mass with light
3/26/2018LCD vs. OLED: who wins?
10/6/2017Exceptional points make for exceptional sensors
9/21/2017Going beyond the limit of an LCD’s color gamut
8/14/2017Paper by Professors Khajavikhan and Christodoulides published in Nature
6/19/2017Paper by Professor Abouraddy's group highlighted by Nature Photonics
5/22/2017Paper by Professor Aristide Dogariu featured on cover of Optica
2/14/2017A paper by Professor Aristide Dogariu and others appears in Nature Biomedical Engineering
1/3/2017Professor Shin-Tson Wu with Yajie Dong and Andre Gesquiere publish paper in Advanced Materials
11/14/2016Paper by Professor Luca Argenti published in Science
10/17/2016Professor Arkadiy Lyakh Creates Most Efficient Quantum Cascade Laser Ever
6/2/2016Professor Debashis Chanda's Infrared Detector Research Attracts $1.3 Million DARPA Grant
4/6/2016Professor Zenghu Chang receives Pegasus Professor award
4/1/2016Professor Ayman Abouraddy's research on textiles featured in UCF Today and ABC Channel 9 News
3/31/2016Professor Shin-Tson Wu in UCF Today and ABC Channel 9 News
3/25/2016Soileau Named to Florida Inventors Hall of Fame
11/30/2015Professor Aristide Dogariu's work on spin-orbit forces on the cover of Nature Photonics
9/18/2015Professor Martin Richardson brings new international fiber laser program to UCF
2/25/2015Dogariu receives the 2015 SPIE Stokes Award
2/5/2015Professor Mercedeh Khajavikhan receives NSF CAREER award
11/4/2014A paper by Professors Khajavikhan and Christodoulides published in Science
10/27/2014Paper by Professors Rodrigo Amezcua, Guifang Li and Axel Schülzgen published in Nature Photonics
7/22/2014Professor Shin-Tson Wu inducted to Florida Inventors Hall of Fame
4/18/2014Papers by Professor Christodoulides' research group appear in Nature Photonics & Nature Communications
8/15/2013Professor Zenghu Chang receives a $6.9 million grant from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
8/1/2013Paper by Professor Ayman Abouraddy et al. published in Nature Communications
6/3/2013Professor emeritus George Stegeman receives an honorary degree
5/8/2013Dr. Peter Delfyett speaks at Spring 2013 Commencement
4/4/2013Prof. Demetrios Christodoulides Named Pegasus Professor
3/21/2013New BS program in Photonic Science and Engineering
3/21/2013Professor Martin Richardson named the 2013 recipient of the SPIE Harold E. Edgerton Award
2/1/2013Paper by Professor Dogariu and Dr. Sergey Sukov "Optically induced negative forces" published in Nature Photonics
1/31/2013Professors Abouraddy & Saleh publish paper in Nature Photonics
12/19/2012Three UCF Inventors Honored for Making a Difference
12/17/2012Professor Guifang Li's groups' work featured in Laser Focus World's Top 20 Photonics Innovations of 2012
11/30/2012Professor Guifang Li Elected Fellow of the IEEE
11/28/2012Demonstration of Optically Controlled “active matter” Published in Nature Photonics
11/1/2012MJ Soileau receives ICFO's Distinguished Service Appreciation Medal
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