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Demetrios Christodoulides Awarded OSA's R. W. Wood Prize

The R. W. Wood Prize is given for an outstanding discovery, scientific or technological achievement or invention in the field of optics. The accomplishment for which the prize is given is measured chiefly by its impact on the field of optics generally, and therefore the contribution is one that opens a new era of research or significantly expands an established one. It is endowed by the Xerox Corporation. Christodoulides is being given the award for contributions in nonlinear and linear beam optics, which initiated new areas, among them the discovery of optical discrete solitons, Bragg and vector solitons in fibers, nonlinear surface waves, and the discovery of self-accelerating optical (Airy) beams.

Demetrios Christodoulides R. W. Wood Prize

Posted Friday, April 15, 2011

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