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Professors Abouraddy & Saleh publish paper in Nature Photonics

A paper entitled "Bell's measure in classical optical coherence" authored by Kumel Kagalwala, Giovanni Di Giuseppe, Ayman F. Abouraddy and Bahaa E. A. Saleh is published in Nature Photonics.

"The statistical description of optical fields in classical coherence theory is the foundation for many applications in metrology, microscopy, lithography and astronomy. Partial coherence is commonly attributed to underlying fluctuations originating at the source or arising upon passage through a random medium. A less acknowledged source of uncertainty (partial coherence) stems from the act of ignoring a degree of freedom of a beam when observing another degree of freedom coupled to (or classically entangled with) it. We demonstrate here that Bell's measure, which is commonly used in tests of quantum non-locality, may be used as a quantitative tool in classical optical coherence to delineate native incoherence associated with statistical fluctuations from correlation- (or, entanglement-) based incoherence. Our results demonstrate the applicability of the concepts recently developed in quantum information science to classical optical coherence theory and optical signal processing."

In addition, an interview entitled "Quantum tools for classical coherence" about this work is published in the same issue: "Optical coherence theory has a long and proud tradition. Nature Photonics spoke to Ayman Abouraddy and Kumel Kagalwala to learn about their recent work, which may reshape this established field."

Posted Thursday, January 31, 2013

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