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Advances in Engineering features two papers by Professor Sasan Fathpour

The technical new site Advances in Engineering featured two papers on optical delay lines using apodized grating waveguides by Sasan Fathpour.

High-speed and tunable integrated optical delay lines are demonstrated based on silicon grating waveguides apodized by the super-Gaussian function. The submicron channel waveguides with inward-apodized gratings are fabricated by deep-ultraviolet optical lithography. Characterization of the compact delay lines shows that they offer true-time delays as long as 132 ps, tuning range of ~86 ps, and a minimum bit rate of ~13 Gb/s. For lower bit rates, delays as high as 220 ps and tuning range of 174 ps are feasible.

Posted Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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