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Two CREOL students receive prestigious awards from China

Guangming Tao

Presentation Ceremony of Outstanding Overseas Chinese Students Scholarships

Graduate students Guangming Tao and Yuan Chen have been named two of the recipients of the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad. Since 2003, the Chinese government has been awarding students who are able to study in a foreign country on their own accord. The awards are given to honor student for their ability to study abroad without government-funded sponsorships under the umbrella of the China Scholarship Council. Often, these students study in highly acclaimed institutions where they might face many challenges in being a student in a foreign country. Tao is a student of Dr. Ayman Abouraddy and Chen is a student of Dr. S.T. Wu.

Awardees are selected based on their research achievements and academic merit after several rounds of judging by invited experts from their field in China as well as their host country. The criteria for the award include the background of the students, research projects, research outcomes, publications, potentiality for future career, and opinion from student’s advisor. Only these with outstanding performance in their PhD studies will be considered by the award selection panel and only around 500 young talents will be granted the award each year all over the world. There are more than 400,000 overseas Chinese graduate students and being one winner is terrific.

This year, a total of 518 Chinese Ph.D. candidates from 29 nations were awarded, including six extraordinary prizewinners for outstanding accomplishments. Guangming Tao is one of the six extraordinary prizewinners. This year the winning top 6 students were selected from: Vanderbilt University, Duke University, Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Central Florida (CREOL) and Cambridge University.

Winning Houston Enclave 2013 annual "National Merit Scholarship at their own expense"

News in Chinese for 2013 winners:

Posted Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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