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UCF receives almost $2 million in grants

From Central Florida Future:

UCF recently received five research grants — totaling nearly $2 million — making it one of the top three university-award recipients in the nation.

This money will allow UCF and other institutions to buy state-of-the-art research equipment in order to further developments in science education, medical training and the preparation of military troops.

These grants will help UCF specifically to “purchase equipment for projects in the Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers|College of Optics and Photonics (CREOL|COP) and the Institute for Simulation and Training in partnership with the College of Nursing,” according to Space Coast Daily’s website.

“Our strategy of focusing on research that stimulates the local and state economies has served us very well in competing for these federal awards,” said MJ Soileau, vice president for research and commercialization at UCF, in an article from the Space Coast Daily website. “Our faculty have consistently shown that they can compete with the best and the equipment purchased with these awards will position them even better for future funding. This is particularly important since most contracts and grants are for specific work to be done and have little or no money for purchase of major capital equipment.”

From CREOL|COP, professor Martin Richardson will receive $702,000 from the Army Research Office for laser research. Professor Kathleen Richardson will receive $627,000 from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to buy an advanced X-ray diffraction system and further education critical to the Department of Defense.

Professor Sasan Fathpour will receive $324,000 from the Office of Naval Research for the purchase of equipment to create thin films. Professor Leonid Glebov will receive $149,000 from the Army Research Office for equipment regarding holograms.

Professor Greg Welch from the College of Nursing, IST and the College of Engineering and Computer Science received $178,000 from the Office of Naval Research in order to purchase humanoid robots with rubber “skin” faces.

These “surrogate humans" will be used for military training.

In total, 149 university researchers at 84 institutions received $39.9 million.

UCF, the University of Illinois and Rutgers were the only colleges to be given five awards.

Other Florida school recipients include the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University.

Posted Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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