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Scientists Invent New Way to Control Light, Critical for Next Gen of Super Computing

Research from Dr. Kuebler's lab, in collaboration with alumnus Raymond Rumpf (PhD 2006) from the University of Texas, was featured in UCF Today:

Scientists Invent New Way to Control Light

"A device resembling a plastic honeycomb yet much smaller than a bee’s stinger can steer light beams around tighter curves than ever before possible, while keeping the integrity and intensity of the beam intact.

The work, conducted by researchers at the University of Texas El Paso and at the University of Central Florida and published in the journal Optics Express, introduces a more effective way to transmit data rapidly on electronic circuit boards by using light."

Read the full story here.

In addition, a news story about this research was featured on Fox News Orlando 35, on 19 March 2015: "UCF researchers exploring faster way to deliver data using light"

Posted Monday, March 23, 2015

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