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Professors Shin-Tson Wu and Debashis Chanda publish paper in Nature Communications

/Featured Image Nature  CommunicationsProfessors Shin-Tson Wu and Debashis Chanda's paper titled "Polarization-independent actively tunable colour generation on imprinted plasmonic surfaces" is a cover/featured article in the June issue of Nature Communications. Other authors include Daniel Franklin, Yuan Chen, Abraham Vazquez-Guardado, Sushrut Modak, Javaneh Boroumand, and Daming Xu.

This paper appeared as a cover/featured article in the June issue of Nature Communications.

"Structural colour arising from nanostructured metallic surfaces offers many benefits compared to conventional pigmentation based display technologies, such as increased resolution and scalability of their optical response with structure dimensions. However, once these structures are fabricated their optical characteristics remain static, limiting their potential application. Here, by using a specially designed nanostructured plasmonic surface in conjunction with high birefringence liquid crystals, we demonstrate a tunable polarizationindependent reflective surface where the colour of the surface is changed as a function of applied voltage. A large range of colour tunability is achieved over previous reports by utilizing an engineered surface which allows full liquid crystal reorientation while maximizing the overlap between plasmonic fields and liquid crystal. In combination with imprinted structures of varying periods, a full range of colours spanning the entire visible spectrum is achieved, paving the way towards dynamic pixels for reflective displays."

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Posted Monday, June 15, 2015

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