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Paper by graduate student Esat Kondakci and Professors Abouraddy and Saleh published in Nature Physics

A paper titled "A photonic thermalization gap in disordered lattices" by graduate student Esat Kondakci and Professors Ayman Abouraddy and Bahaa Saleh has been published in Nature Physics.

Abstract: "The formation of gaps—forbidden ranges in the values of a physical parameter—is common to a variety of physical systems: from energy bandgaps of electrons in periodic lattices and their analogues in photonic, phononic and plasmonic systems to pseudo-energy gaps in aperiodic quasicrystals. Here, we predict a thermalization gap for light propagating in finite disordered structures characterized by disorder-immune chiral symmetry6—the appearance of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors in skew-symmetric pairs. In these systems, the span of sub-thermal photon statistics is inaccessible to input coherent light, which—once the steady state is reached—always emerges with super-thermal statistics no matter how small the disorder level. We formulate an independent constraint of the input field for the chiral symmetry to be activated and the gap to be observed. This unique feature enables a new form of photon-statistics interferometry: the deterministic tuning of photon statistics via controlled excitation symmetry breaking realized by sculpting the amplitude or phase of the input coherent field."

Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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