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Professor Ayman Abouraddy's discovery featured in Nature

Fragmented Fibers
These micrographs show the fibers embedded in polymer and demonstrate how the fibers break apart into segments when they are stretched out in the cold-drawing process.

Professor Ayman Abouraddy's discovery, where complex fibers are stretched to produce nanoscale rods or strips, will be featured in an upcoming Nature paper. Press releases about this discovery were made by both UCF and MIT:

UCF Today: 'Breaking Me Softly:' UCF Fiber Findings Featured in Nature

MIT News: New method snips complex fibers into uniform particles

Nature: Controlled fragmentation of multimaterial fibres and films via polymer cold-drawing
Soroush Shabahang, Guangming Tao, Joshua J. Kaufman, Yangyang Qiao, Lei Wei, Thomas Bouchenot, Ali P. Gordon, Yoel Fink, Yuanli Bai, Robert S. Hoy & Ayman F. Abouraddy. New method snips complex fibers into uniform particles (Update)

PNAS: Digital design of multimaterial photonic particles
Guangming Tao, Joshua J. Kaufman, Soroush Shabahang, Roxana Rezvani Naraghia, Sergey V. Sukhov, John D. Joannopoulos, Yoel Fink, Aristide Dogariu, and Ayman F. Abouraddy

Posted Monday, June 6, 2016

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