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Professor Ayman Abouraddy in collaboration with MIT researchers publishes paper on self-assembled fiber optoelectronics in Nature Communications

Professor Ayman Abouraddy in collaboration with a research group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology published a paper "Self-assembled fibre optoelectronics with discrete translational symmetry" in Nature Communications.

Abstract: Fibres with electronic and photonic properties are essential building blocks for functional fabrics with system level attributes. The scalability of thermal fibre drawing approach offers access to large device quantities, while constraining the devices to be translational symmetric. Lifting this symmetry to create discrete devices in fibres will increase their utility. Here, we draw, from a macroscopic preform, fibres that have three parallel internal non-contacting continuous domains; a semiconducting glass between two conductors. We then heat the fibre and generate a capillary fluid instability, resulting in the selective transformation of the cylindrical semiconducting domain into discrete spheres while keeping the conductive domains unchanged. The cylindrical-to-spherical expansion bridges the continuous conducting domains to create ~104 self-assembled, electrically contacted and entirely packaged discrete spherical devices per metre of fibre. The photodetection and Mie resonance dependent response are measured by illuminating the fibre while connecting its ends to an electrical readout.


Posted Friday, October 21, 2016

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