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Inventions by Professor Jayan Thomas featured in Nature Communications

Inventions by Professor Jayan Thomas, who holds joint appointments in the College of Optics & Photonics and the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, are featured in an article titled "Wearable energy-smart ribbons for synchronous energy harvest and storage" in Nature Communications.

Abstract: A promising energy source for many current and future applications is a ribbon-like device that could simultaneously harvest and store energy. Due to the high flexibility and weavable property, a fabric/matrix made using these ribbons could be highly beneficial for powering wearable electronics. Unlike the approach of using two separate devices, here we report a ribbon that integrates a solar cell and a supercapacitor. The electrons generated by the solar cell are directly transferred and stored on the reverse side of its electrode which in turn also functions as an electrode for the supercapacitor. When the flexible solar ribbon is illuminated with simulated solar light, the supercapacitor holds an energy density of 1.15?mWh?cm-3 and a power density of 243?mW?cm-3. Moreover, these ribbons are successfully woven into a fabric form. Our all-solid-state ribbon unveils a highly flexible and portable self-sufficient energy system with potential applications in wearables, drones and electric vehicles.


Posted Monday, November 14, 2016

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