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Alum Matthew Weed featured in OPN article on photonics and politics

Alum Matthew Weed, chair of OSA Public Policy Committee, is featured in an Optics and Photonics News article "Uncertainty Principles: Photonics and Politics."

From OPN:
Matthew Weed, the chair of OSA’s Public Policy Committee and a member of the NPI steering committee, notes that the election has placed control of both the executive and legislative branches in the hands of one party. That, he suggests, could eliminate some of the well-publicized political stalemate that has characterized executive-legislative relations in the past several years.

“The U.S. government is intended to effect change starting with Congress—that’s where most of the things that matter to the U.S. scientific community take place,” says Weed. “So I think the primary difference will be a strong revitalization of congressional engagement. It will be more difficult to get sweeping initiatives through, but we will get longer-lasting, more dependable programs,” he says, owing to Congress’s authority over budgets, program authorizations and appropriations. We may, observes Weed, be “moving back toward a legislative environment in which we can take a much longer view.”

Yet that same opportunity comes with a caveat, notes Weed: the party now controlling both Congress and the White House has long articulated a policy of limited government, which implies pressure on domestic spending—including, perhaps, spending for science. And, once again, he suggests the results will largely depend on how well the scientific community responds. The challenge, he says, will be “making a business case” to congressional representatives—“just like we do in industry”—as to how investments in science can lead, through technology transfer and commercialization, to economic gains and an improved quality of life. more...



Posted Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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