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A paper by Professor Aristide Dogariu and others appears in Nature Biomedical Engineering

A paper titled "Real-time intraoperative monitoring of blood coagulability via coherence-gated light scattering" by Professor Aristide Dogariu's group and collaborators from Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Orlando appears in in Nature Biomedical Engineering.

When characterizing dynamic processes, ergodicity—that is, the equivalence of time averages and of averages over a system’s possible microstates—is often invoked. Yet many complex social, economic and material systems are such that practical observations cannot survey the entire ensemble of microstates. In the case of non-ergodic fluids, their slow structural dynamics makes such an approach prohibitive. Blood is a prominent example of a non-ergodic, complex fluid for which today’s standards for coagulation tests in vivo are chemically induced offline assays. Here, we show that heterodyne amplification— that is, amplification of a signal by frequency conversion—combined with suitable control of spatiotemporal coherence permits measurements of non-stationary dynamics in non-ergodic, complex media. By taking advantage of this approach, we developed an optical-fibre-based tool that can be directly incorporated into standard vascular-access devices for real-time monitoring of blood coagulability in the operating room.

The paper is discussed in a "story behind the paper” "Intraoperative real-time blood monitoring."

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Posted Tuesday, February 14, 2017

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