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Professor Kathleen Richardson receives George W. Morey Award

Professor Kathleen Richardson receives the George W. Morey Award to be presented at the 12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology meeting in Hawaii in May 2017. Dr. Richardson is a 2017 Award Speaker in the Glass & Optical Materials Division of the American Ceramic Society. The title of Dr. Richardson's presentation is "The evolution of chalcogenide glasses in infrared photonics – beyond invisible."

Abstract: The prospect of low-cost, compact sensors that ‘see and sense’ has been a goal of technologists for decades.  Previously only available in the defense realm, our ability to ‘own the night’ has transformed to a broad range of applications where the invisibility of infrared radiation is no longer a foreign concept—rather it has become common place.  Such innovations have been fueled by the miniaturization of electronic and optical components, and the availability of advanced materials which can be designed with diverse functionality and integrated into multi-material packages. The role that chalcogenide glass has played in the progress of such applications is discussed, including how the strategy to engineer optical function with manufacturabilty, has transformed the use of these glasses in diverse applications.

Over the past decades efforts by the UCF team and our collaborators have focused on developing a toolbox of glass material chemistry options, processing methodologies, and metrology tools that employ multi-component non-oxide chalcogenide glasses (ChGs).  Basics of these versatile materials are discussed as well as key challenges that remain in optical material science that are being examined to create innovative solutions to further integrate these materials into bulk and planar applications for sensing, security, and defense applications.

Posted Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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