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Professor Leon Glebov to present Darshana and Arun Varshneya Frontiers of Glass Technology Lecture

Professor Leon Glebov will present the Darshana and Arun Varshneya Frontiers of Glass Technology Lecture at the 12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology meeting in Hawaii in May 2017. Dr. Glebov is a 2017 Award Speaker in the Glass & Optical Materials Division of the American Ceramic Society. The title of Dr. Glebov's presentation is "Volume holographic elements in photo-thermo-refractive glass: features and applications."

Abstract: This presentation summarizes the results of volume holographic elements development for spectroscopy and fine laser control that were performed by research teams of the photoinduced processing laboratory at CREOL/UCF and OptiGrate Corporation, in collaboration with numerous researchers from different countries. This survey includes mechanisms of refractive index change and origin of induced absorption and scattering in photo-thermo-refractive (PTR) glass and basics of holographic elements recording in this material. The main types of holographic optical elements recorded in PTR glass are reflecting and transmitting volume Bragg gratings (VBGs); longitudinal and transverse chirped Bragg gratings (CBGs); monolithic solid state lasers with VBGs imprinted in gain elements; tunable and achromatic holographic phase masks (HPMs); and complex holographic elements such as lenses or curved mirrors. Applications of those elements for conventional and Raman spectroscopy, spectral and angular mode selection in different types of lasers, mode conversion by complex VBGs and holographic phase masks, spectral and coherent beam combining, ultrashort laser pulses stretching, compression and shaping, and monolithic solid state lasers with distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) and distributed feedback (DFB) are described.

Posted Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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