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Paper by Professors Schülzgen and Amezcua-Correa one of Optics Letters top downloads

(a) Micrograph of the MCF used in the experiments. (b) Illustration of the sensor. Lc is the cantilever length and CT means capillary tube. (c) Micrograph of the SMF-MCF junction. (d) Simulated profiles, at 1550 nm, of the two supermodes that participate in the interference.

A paper titled "Miniature multicore optical fiber vibration sensor" by Joel Villatoro, Enrique Antonio-Lopez, Axel Sch├╝lzgen, and Rodrigo Amezcua-Correa is one of Optics Letters top downloads for May 2017.

We demonstrate a compact and versatile interferometric vibration sensor that operates in reflection mode. To build the device, a short segment of symmetric strongly coupled multicore optical fiber (MCF) is fusion spliced to a single-mode optical fiber (SMF). One end of the MCF segment is cleaved and placed in a cantilever position. Due to the SMF-MCF configuration, only two supermodes are excited in the MCF. Vibrations induce cyclic bending of the MCF cantilever which results in periodic oscillations of the reflected interference spectrum. In our device, the MCF itself is the inertial mass. The frequency range where our device is sensitive can be easily tailored from a few hertz to several kilohertz through the cantilever dimensions.

Posted Thursday, June 8, 2017

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