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CREOL alum Clémence Jollivet promoted to Product Development Manager at Coherent

CREOL alumus Clémence Jollivet has been promoted to Product Development Manager at Coherent.

Clémence Jollivet received her Ph.D. degree in Optics in 2014 from CREOL, the College of Optics and Photonics, at the University of Central Florida. Highlights of her graduate research work include waveguide design of specialty optical fibers, such as large-mode area, microstructured and multi-core structures, development of novel fiber lasers and cavity optimization as well as fiber-based optical devices. In 2009 and 2007 she also received M.S. (Physics) and B.S. (Physics and Chemistry) from the Université de Bordeaux in France.

In 2014 Clémence joined the R&D team at Nufern, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturer of double-clad and specialty optical fibers. As a Principal Engineer, her role was focused on developing active and passive optical fibers using advanced waveguide design and cutting-edge optical characterization techniques. Becoming Scientist in 2016, Clémence was in charge of the waveguide segment of all R&D fiber activities at Nufern. During this time, she submitted three patents and authored several conference papers, white papers and application notes. Results of her work on active and passive optical fibers as well as fiber lasers for visible to mid-IR applications led to new competitive products released for industrial, defense and scientific markets. Recently, her contribution to the field has been recognized with the renowned 2017 PRISM Award for Photonics Innovation for her invention of the NuBeam Flat-Top Fiber technology.

In July 2017 Clémence was promoted to Product Development Manager in the Fiber R&D Department of Coherent Inc. In her new role, she is leading a team of one scientist and two optical engineers and is responsible for pioneering optical designs of active and passive fibers at Coherent with superior performances in order to expand to new markets and to enable new applications.

List of publications & bibliography available on Google Scholar.

Posted Thursday, August 17, 2017

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