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International Photonics Design Competition

Every two years, Chinese optics colleges hold a large national competition in which students build optical devices and compete against each other.  For the next competition, there are two design challenges:

  1. Imaging system through frosted-glass.
  2. A vehicle which can find targets on a playing field (in this case light bulbs which randomly turn on). 

We will host the North American competition at the University of Central Florida on May 10-12, 2018 and we would like to invite your university or college to compete.  The top 10 teams from North America will have the opportunity to compete in Beijing, China in August. 

The team rules are fairly straightforward:

  1. Team Size: Maximum 3
  2. Team Composition: 1-3 undergraduates and no more than 1 graduate student. 
  3. Registration Fee: $100 per team
  4. Faculty may help, but not build or design.

Our website, contains information on the competition, travel details and more.

Posted Monday, August 28, 2017

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